Slimpod made my perfect wedding look

2nd October 2014

Many congratulations to Laura Pettit, who used one of our Slimpod downloads to help make her wedding dress fit perfectly for her big day. Laura, a 28-year-old blogger from Cheltenham, started listening to her Slimpod in March and by the time of her wedding in August she had slimmed down from 9st 5lbs to about 8st 12lbs.  She only wanted to lose 8lbs for her wedding and did that very successfully.


Here she is looking beautiful on her big day..

“I was almost a size 12 but the wedding dress I had bought was a 10, so I just had to make sure it looked right on me. Soon after I started the Slimpod I found myself eating smaller portions and not wanting to eat so much in the evenings,” says Laura.

“Instead of snacking on crisps I started reaching for fruit, which was a big change for me. I was so happy on my wedding day that I had lost nearly 8 lbs.

#My Slimpod moment and how I stopped snacking on crisps

“What’s good is that I’m still able to eat what I enjoy and have a little treat now and then, like a piece of chocolate. I even have chips once a week!


DSC_0178 (1)

“The other benefit I’m finding with the Slimpod is that I’m more relaxed. I didn’t stress about my wedding day at all and everyone was very surprised at how chilled I was. I’m the most relaxed I’ve been in years, which is wonderful.”

You can read Laura’s inspiring Slimpod blog here >>

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