Slimpodders become Spartans!

10th October 2016


LOVE this picture! Two happy women pose with the medals they won for completing the super-tough Spartan Sprint race in Windsor Great Park. Over more than three miles they had to do wall climbs, tunnel crawls, log lifts, sand bag carry, wading through water and mud, climbing a cargo net, monkey bars, a spear throw as well as jogging in between the obstacles.

Makes me break out into a sweat just thinking about it!

What makes this achievement extra special for Kirsty and Clara is that they are Slimpodders who between them have lost over five stone. At her largest, Kirsty topped 17 stone. Now they’re both enjoying a much healthier lifestyle.

Here’s a “before” picture they sent me which I know will inspire many of you when you see just what can be done with a Slimpod.

Kirsty, 34, and Clara, 28, took part in the Spartan Sprint to raise money for  a friend’s little boy Grayson who has an incredibly rare condition that means he can’t control his body temperature. He requires an expensive specialist blanket for his wheelchair and the girls are planning to raise £250.

They’d be thrilled if other Slimpodders could make a small contribution towards their target for such a worthy cause. Here’s a link to their donations page.

Kirsty and Clara also have an award-winning blog which I know you’ll enjoy and just to show you how tough the Spartan challenge was, here’s a great video they shot of themselves taking part.

Kirsty says: “I had an absolute blast running my first Spartan Race and have been bitten by the bug for sure. I can’t wait to get back to training now that my muscles are no longer sore and have even written notes on which obstacles I need to train for most.”

They’re an amazing couple and everyone at Slimpod HQ is very proud of them.

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