Stepping stones to happiness

4th October 2016

By Trevor Silvester.

QUITE regularly we get emails from Slimpodders who got off to a great start and then found themselves slipping. When we delve a little we very often find they’ve forgotten to reset their short term weight loss goal. The thing is, our brain is great at setting a long-term target – like losing X number of pounds by Christmas – but the image of that goal doesn’t really reach our emotional brain.

Happiness later just doesn’t make us as excited as a cream cake now.

It’s why it’s so important to set the big weight loss goal – whether it’s a jean size you want to reach, or a wedding or holiday you want to look great for – but then work back.

Put in little rewards along the way as stepping stones which by reaching them will bring you to your weight loss destination.

Weight loss goal is stepping stone to happiness

By doing this your brain can weigh the pleasure of the cream cake in front of you against the pleasure of the stepping stone you can reach within the next few days – and the reward that will bring you.

 In many cases you’ll find the suggestions you listen to me making on your Slimpod will focus your mind on your weight loss goal that much more strongly and keep you on course for looking great.

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