Slimpod puts Becca Jones in control


My husband was staggered

when my Slimpod suddenly

did The Italian Job on me

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 Becca in Rome








Becca Jones tells how her Slimpod took only a few days to put her back in control

of food whereas diet after diet had failed to help her lose weight permanently…

BECCA JONES looked into her husband’s eyes as they enjoyed a romantic meal for two in a beautiful sun-kissed square in Rome, slowly put down her knife and fork and said the words that shocked them both: “I can’t eat this pizza. I’m full”

Her husband was staggered. Becca had been on many diets before but had always given in to temptation and indulged herself when she was on holiday. This time was different. Very different.

  A few days before they flew out to Italy, Becca had started listening to a Slimpod. And already it was changing the way she felt about food.

“On previous holidays I’d just eat and eat and would usually put on at least half a stone,” says Becca, a 38-year-old project manager from Limehouse, London.

  “But after only days on a Slimpod I realised that I was now in control around food, it was no longer in control of me.

“For the first time I wasn’t thinking about food all the time the way I used to when I was on Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

 “Although I didn’t used to eat junk food every day when I was dieting, my problem was that I ate good food but didn’t know when to stop.

“I just didn’t ever hear the full signal from my tummy to my brain and so I’d never put my knife and fork down until the plate was empty.”


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Slim line Becca today

 Becca-Jones-Marathon-Slimpod-weightloss-success-easy-simple-natural-lasting - Thinking-Slimmer

            Becca runs the Marathon in 2012


  Before starting her Drop Two Dress Sizes Or More Slimpod in May 2011, Becca was a size 16/18 and weighed 14st 5lbs. By May 2012 she’s a 12/14 and the last time she weighed herself she was down to 13st 1lbs.

The biggest change in her life is that she has been motivated to take up running. In fact, she completed the London Marathon TWICE – in 2012 and again in 2014 – and aims to run it again before she’s 40. “I just know I can do a much better time,” she says confidently.

  The Slimpod and the running mean Becca’s shape has changed dramatically, as you can see from our pictures, and the exercise means she has replaced much of her body fat with lean muscle.

“As muscle weighs more than fat it means her weight hasn’t dropped as much as you might expect but she knows that very soon she will be a comfortable 12 all round.

  “I’ve got a little way to go but I will definitely get there over the summer. My eating habits have been transformed now. Once I used to be thinking about the day’s meals almost as soon as I woke up.

 “My whole life revolved around food and it had control of me. If I felt bored I’d reach for the chocolate. If I felt sad I’d reach for the chocolate. If I felt happy I’d reach for the chocolate.

 “For me eating was all about reward or comfort. My Slimpod has changed all that. Now I just don’t want to eat as much and I have adjusted my portion sizes so that I don’t waste unwanted food.

“I’ve been on so many diets and they just make you think about food all the time: can I have this, can I have that? With a Slimpod it’s different. I know that if I fancy a little bit of cake I can have it – and once you know something’s not forbidden you suddenly find that it has lost its attraction and you don’t want it after all.



                    Becca-Jones-Marathon-medal-Slimpod-weightloss-success-easy-simple-natural-lasting - Thinking-Slimmer

      Proud of her 2nd medal in 2014


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“Best of all, unlike all the diets I’ve ever been on I know my weight loss is going to be permanent because there’s nothing to stop and no wagon to fall off. When you stop a diet you just binge and put the weight back on again.

 “Now my mind has been retuned so that even if I stop listening to my Slimpod for a day or two I don’t want to overeat because it feels uncomfortable.

 “My husband Dean says I’m much easier to be around now because I’m so positive and confidence about my life and I’m not so argumentative I used to spend hours picking out what clothes to wear when we went out because I was never happy with the way I looked in anything in my wardrobe. Today I like the way I look in everything so it’s much easier to decide what to go out in.

 “Running and fitness have become so much of my life now and I’ve come so far that I never want to lose my fitness again. When I was training for the Great South Run and then the London Marathon I had to stop listening to my Slimpod because it was important that my body got lots of high-carb food to give me the energy I needed for 14-mile training runs.

 “So Sandra at Thinking Slimmer suggested I try their Supreme Sports Performance download and that really motivated me to take the challenge of running 26 miles head on.

“All that stops you achieving anything in life

is your mind telling you that you can’t do it”

 “The download has a theme of ‘eating less, moving more, choosing better’ and the ‘moving more’ part really struck a chord with me. I couldn’t believe how active I’d suddenly become.

 “The download has a little mantra of ‘It’s not easy but it is possible’ and whenever I was running I’d hear that in my head all the time and it would spur me on to keep going whenever my legs started to feel heavy.

 “I know that marathon running isn’t easier and I feel very proud that I have joined the one per cent of the population who can run that distance. I’ve discovered that the only thing that stops you from achieving anything is your mind telling you that you can’t do it.

 “So that’s how the Thinking Slimmer method works so well, by giving you the confidence to get out of your own way and let your body do what it is capable of doing – whether that’s running 26 miles or losing 26lbs.

 “One other benefit of my new fitness is that it has helped my asthma. Since starting the Slimpod I’ve cut down my medication from using my inhaler almost every day to rarely using it at all.

 “I also feel that I don’t have to worry any more about diabetes, which runs in my family, because I’ve taken positive steps to keep it at bay by getting into shape.”



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Becca lost weight with the
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