Three really great and easy ways to shape up for summer

8th June 2020

HOW did you get on with our Summer20 Challenge last week? I asked you to be extra-vigilant about how much refined carbs you were consuming in everyday food.  So many people join our programme following years and years of overeating and while the Slimpod really helps with this, sometimes we can help give it a little nudge in the right direction!

I know a lot of people in Slimpod Club have been embracing the challenge and doing really well!

Kate:  I’ve had healthy meals every day and cut right down on cakes and biscuits.

Sara:  I’ve been leaving food on my plate and not wanted any biscuits at all!

Amanda:  Really not interested in sweet foods, and best of all I feel normal.

Anita:  I’m loving it!

So, look back at what you’ve achieved and congratulate yourself because your brain’s reward centre will get a buzz from your results and it will make you feel really good.

This week we’re moving on slightly.  It’s important to continue listening to your pods and being mindful about what’s going in your mouth, and now we’ll add some regular exercise to the mix. Here we go:

ONE: Set yourself a daily exercise goal – a distance to walk or run or a number of strength exercises to achieve.

TWO: If you’re at a desk all day, set an alarm on your phone every 50 minutes to remind you to get up and walk for 10 minutes.

THREE: Get your heart rate up regularly – walking or running up stairs is great for that. Or take part in a YouTube exercise video.

Remember, you don’t have to be somewhere special or be in special clothes to do exercise.

Here’s an inspiring video that Slimpodder Caroline Lockie sent me during last summer’s challenge:

And here’s a video I shot this afternoon when I was exercising on our patio with my daughter and our “personal trainer” (he’s her boyfriend actually –  bit of a Joe Wicks!)

Remember, as I said you don’t have to put the Lycra on to get in shape. Just being busy about the house and the garden – or playing with the kids or the grandkids in the park – is great for working your body.

It’s called NEAT – and that stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. In simple terms it means burning off energy by doing everyday things in a lively way.

My final advice: Be accountable! There’s an accountability thread in Slimpod Club or you can post comments daily on this blog to share your progress – simply search #summer20

Remember our Slimpod motto: All movement is exercise and consistency is king!

TONIGHT I’ll be live on our main ThinkingSlimmer Facebook page at 7.30pm UK time so make sure you join me.

And comment below please and let me have your favourite win from the past seven days!

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Sally Watts

I have been doing a seven min LWR exercise each morning before breakfast and doing a longer one later in the day. Now on Day 29 of exercising every day.

Catherine Hamilton

I put on a jacket today which I haven’t worn since last summer when it was OK unbuttoned but tight when buttoned. Today I buttoned it up without thinking and only later realised that it was COMFORTABLE! WIN WIN🥳

Christina Stevenson

My best win was actually saying NO to wine on Thursday evening and not having any since feels so satisfying in such a big way. I feel more positive moving forward. Love listening to my pod at night I’m so pleased I found Slimpod.


Hi don’t feel much different yet but sure it’s early days! Did do an easy zumba workout though, just want to stop loving all the wrong food, bread, chocolate, nuts, just love carbs, eek!

Debbie Yates

Hi.. I was like that the first week, now week 3 and noticing I’m not craving food as much nor over eating . Nuts , bread & carbs I really don’t see as a bad foods , just foods you should eat 2 or 3 times a week and not every day ,as very important for the body and give you energy , try vary your diet a few days a week and enjoy .


Hi Debbie thanks for your message appreciate it. Have a good week 🙂

Sue storr

My best ever win is that I have finally hidden my SCALES!!! I was a serial weigher (every morning) and its taken till now for me to stop doing it that’s massive for me and I’ve done Joe wicks workout and chair pilates every day for a week and I will continue I’m absolutely delighted x

Angela Crowe

I started in February was doing well until lock down then I stopped listening to pods was eating everything in sight and even put on quite a bit of weight and can not fit into anything that has not got elastic waist 🙈😞. Two weeks ago I got in touch with Debbie she gave me some good advice and I gave myself a good talking to and kick up the backside I needed. For the last two weeks I have listened to my slim pod every morning, stopped eating rubbish and am back feeling in control 😬 sorry for the long post 🌈🌈

teresa kay

My favourite win this week was turning up on the mat every morning for yoga.

Fiona Baldwin

Hi my favourite win 😁
HERE GOES. Well this week for the first time ever in my whole life I heard my full signal. I honestly didn’t think I had one!!! OMG…..I will die happy 🤣🤣🤣
Love Fiona


I never thought it would be me but I have started the couch to 5k! Thinking positive and listening every day is working for me. I’m gradually breaking old habits and focusing on success. It’s taken 40 years to get where I am so it isn’t going to change overnight. If I can do this, anyone can.

Pauline Blackburn

I’m joined the free trial and have been looking at your you tube videos. I cant believe how much of what I have seen resonates with me. I have struggled with my weight all my life and have thought for many years that I need help with the psychological challenges more than anything. I’m really really hoping that slimpod will work for me and I can put my negative thoughts to bed once and for all. Thank you

Susan Tocknell

Not been thinking about food unless hunger pangs.

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