Sunshine – soak it up for winter wellness

13th November 2013

SUNLIGHT is so magical. The only trouble is, there’s hardly nine hours of daylight in the UK in mid-winter.  Here’s why our bodies need sunlight – because it helps produce vitamin D, which keeps up our immune system so we can fight off germs. So if your body is low on this vital nutrient then you’re more likely to get colds and coughs.

The reduced amount of sunshine in winter is one of the reasons it’s the season for colds and flu – so what can you do about it? For a start, get out and enjoy what sunshine there is.

Even an hour during your lunch break will help top up your body’s vitamin tank and give your immune system a much-needed sunshine boost.

I give my family vitamin D supplements (there’s lots of tasty, chewy ones available) and I make sure they get plenty of other necessary nutrients from fresh fruit such as oranges and kiwis.

In winter more than at any other time of the year you need to make sure you’re giving your immune system all the help you can by eating a healthy diet.

Sunshine boosts immune system for winter health

Your body needs to have enough protein, so enjoy lean meat, fish and poultry. It will help make up for the lack of sunshine.

Iron, zinc and vitamin C are also key to a healthy immune system. But before you spend a fortune on pills, see how much you can get naturally. Eat dark, leafy greens such as cabbage and broccoli and any vegetable that’s red or yellow as they’re high in antioxidants.


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