These three superfoods will supercharge your weight loss

14th September 2020

YOU possibly see them every week when you do your supermarket shop and don’t give them a second thought.  But there are three amazing superfoods which can supercharge your weight loss and give your body a wonderful health boost.

In week two of my Reset Your Mindset challenge I’m telling you all about these superfoods  and I’m also introducing you to a lovely Slimpodder who’s masterminded an exciting special project to investigate their effects.

The challenge I’m setting you for the next 21 days is to add these three things to your daily eating and cut right down on sugar! In that way we can supercharge your weight loss.

Remember, this isn’t about resetting your Slimpod programme – it’s about resetting your mindset so you achieve even greater success.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been listening to Slimpod for one week or one year – this is definitely for you!

Let’s start with Michelle Budd, a blood specialist I met a year ago at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham. As well as being a scientist she was also a size 18 sugar addict, a pre-diabetic and was very close to being insulin resistant.

This is a really unhealthy combination because insulin resistance is by far the biggest reason weight loss is challenging.

In this video, which she shot a year ago, Michelle talks about how Slimpod helped tackle her sugar addiction.

Then, as Slimpod helped her take control of her sugar consumption,  Michelle was intrigued by how her blood was reacting to the changes in her eating.

She knew it was vital to stimulate her metabolism to help her body cells become more efficient at burning fat.

Were there specific foods which could help her do that? With the help of a small group of fellow Slimpod community members she set out to answer that big question.

She studied their eating and their weight loss over a six-week period and here’s what she found:

Three foods in particular helped give a major boost to people on the Slimpod programme – avocados, spinach and broccoli.

In Michelle’s case, she has lost 18lbs in the three months she’s been eating them while listening to her Slimpod and is down to a size 14!

Here’s the three superfoods I want you to add to your daily eating for the next 21 days:


Avocados contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 vitamins and minerals. They don’t contain cholesterol or sodium and are low in saturated fat. Most importantly, they are rich in fibre, indigestible plant matter that reduces blood sugar spikes and makes you feel full quicker by raising levels of the hormone leptin, which controls your full signal. A quarter of an avocado a day is all you need to eat.


Probably the greatest superfood of all! Broccoli is a good source of fibre and protein, and contains sulphur, iron, potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium as well as the vitamins A, C, E, K and a good array of B vitamins. Eating steamed broccoli regularly reduces cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease and the fibre in it needs more energy to digest it, raising your metabolism.


Popeye knew what he was doing when he guzzled spinach! It contains a nutrient that helps your body turn food into energy and keeps you feeling active all day! The vitamin C in spinach is known to have the ability to prevent wrinkles (what’s not to like!) and it also contains lutient and nitrite that reduce the risk of heart attacks. Try sulphur-rich spinach uncooked in a salad because cooking reduces the nutrient value.

So there’s the three foods I want you to add to your shopping trolley. It’s as easy as A-B-S…avocado, broccoli, spinach.

Try to eat them every day because Michelle has shown that doing this makes your Slimpod even more effective.

Now for the one thing I want you to take out of your diet – sugar.

The full signal that tells you to stop eating comes from the hormone leptin, which is produced in the gut. Sadly, sugar and processed food destroy millions of good bacteria colonies which help keep leptin levels healthy.


The latest research shows that more than half the food we eat in the UK is ultra-high processed (ready meals, takeaways, sauces, cakes etc) and contains fructose-based sweeteners, preservatives and colourings.

Ready meals from freezer to microwave make our lives easier and quicker – but they may also be making our lives shorter, scientists fear.

Because ultra-processed food tends to be rich in refined carbs, energy-dense, heavy in saturated fats and salt and is very low on dietary fibre.

By eating more avocado, broccoli and spinach you’ll automatically be moving towards preparing more of your meals from fresh ingredients.

Cook fresh fish and meat rather than frozen and you’ll be adding important protein as well.

Result: you’ll be giving your weight loss a supercharged boost and making life for you and your family a good deal healthier!

Please join my Lives this week when I’ll diving deeper into all of this: tomorrow (Tuesday Sept 15) on the Slimpod public Facebook page at 7.30pm UK time, in our private Slimpod Club on Wednesday at 8pm, on our Instagram page on Thursday at 7pm and back on the Slimpod public page at 7.30.

And do let me know below how you’re getting on with the challenge so far. Your positive comments are always so helpful for others.

By the way, if you subscribe to The Slimpod Channel on YouTube you’ll get free access to nearly 80 videos.

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Mary toft

Hi Sandra – is there any way of watching without using fb or insta? I have stopped using both these apps due to the negative impact social media is having on our world. Thanks

Sandra Denbow

Not that I know of. Sandra suggests having a private Facebook account can be anonymous and just use for purely Slimpod. Or Make everything else private so you don’t need to see friends comments etc which is what I do.

Mary Toft

Unfortunately that still means using fb and I don’t see how that would help change fb’s influence on our lives. I will consider it though. Thanks

Sandra Denbow

I know. I don’t like using Facebook and had stopped using it but have started again just so I could be part of this group.

Mary Toft

That’s it then – I think I will have to do the same! Thanks

Lynda Cairns

Well I’ve already done 2:out of the 3 in the last 24 hours before reading your post! Just the spinach to go! Interested in your comment about fresh rather than frozen meat and fish. In a rural area it’s not always possible or convenient to get fresh meat – and fish in particular. What is the nutritional difference between fresh and frozen?


Perhaps I didn’t make it clear enough (sorry), I was referring to frozen processed meat and fish, not the genuinely fresh stuff.

Sandie James

I have been having a delicious smoothie for breakfast:
Baby spinach, blueberries, banana, coconut water, tsp protein powder and blend.

Elizabeth Borrett

I was excited to start but can’t download anything you’ve sent means it’s saying my password is wrong.

Sharon Beck

Great information


I would love to try this, however, I suffer from IBS and broccoli is one of the worst foods for me to eat. Spinach isn’t much better. Will it still work if I just have avocados? Or is there anything else I can try?

Marie Harris

Very interesting and reassuring. I eat all 3 regularly but will incorporate more often. I also try to eat as much raw veg as possible (Buddha bowls) and prefer broccoli raw

Tracy John

Interesting, definitely worth a try 😊

hayley mclennan

Interested to find out your reasoning behind why fresh fish and meat is better for you than frozen. If a product is frozen the day it is purchased, surely it is locking in the fresh nutrients at this stage which will not be affected when thawed to heat for consumption?


Perhaps I didn’t make it clear enough (sorry), I was referring to frozen processed meat and fish, not the genuinely fresh stuff.

hayley mclennan

Thanks for your reply and for clearing that up, phew! As a serial freezer I was a bit concerned!

Pauline Fitzgerald

Have loads of energy and not eating as much as I was .

Laura Bailey

It’s funny, the first 12 weeks of Slimpod I craved these foods particularly avocado and broccoli and I always have raw spinach in my salads. I seem to have me over away from these the past couple of months and I’m definitely going to add them back into my weekly diet again.
Today has been an amazingly positive day. No sugar, 16:8 fast, only 1 snack and eaten lots of protein and veg 👍🏼🥰😍❤️😘


I’ve put all three on my shopping list, going to Lidl tomorrow, already eat spinach and broccoli, not really tried avocado, so it will be a first. Love reading study’s people have done and the effect food has, enjoyed reading it

Jackie Drake

Ill give it a go

Claire Archer

Please be very careful about the amounts of spinach you eat. It has very, very high levels of oxalates that can cause all sorts of symptoms including kidney stones and poor sleep- I have been advised by the surgeon to lower my oxalates- I used to eat a lot of spinach but no more.


Thanks, Claire. Like all foods, even the healthiest, anything eaten to excess can cause problems. It’s all about being sensible with our portions, isn’t it. No one’s going to eat whole bag of spinach, I hope!


I love avocado so this is great I joined ten days ago and then forgot about it it was such a hectic week thankfully I have just had lovely weekend off so can catch up on all the emails I love listening to the Slimpod it’s so relaxing .

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