Tea’s so good for health and wellbeing

26th December 2013

DID you know that tea, a drink that’s been around for thousands of years, has some amazing properties? Green tea can help control your weight, according to research I read. White tea can help you look younger by smoothing out the wrinkles. Black tea can help bring down stress levels, great for this time of year.

Tell you what, I think I’m going to need a cup of all three before today’s over.

If you want to find out more about how tea can improve your wellbeing, there’s a fascinating blog on The Huffington Post written by a doctor.

Here’s the link >> 

Drinking three or more cups of tea a day is as good for you as drinking plenty of water and may even have extra health benefits, say researchers.

The work in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition dispels the common belief that tea dehydrates.

Tea not only rehydrates as well as water does, but it can also protect against heart disease and some cancers, UK nutritionists found.

Experts believe flavonoids are the key ingredient in tea that promote health. These polyphenol antioxidants are found in many foods and plants, including tea leaves, and have been shown to help prevent cell damage.

Public health nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton, and colleagues at Kings College London, looked at published studies on the health effects of tea consumption.

They found clear evidence that drinking three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances of having a heart attack.

Some studies suggested tea consumption protected against cancer, although this effect was less clear-cut.

Other health benefits seen included protection against tooth plaque and potentially tooth decay, plus bone strengthening.

Dr Ruxton said: “Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water. Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it’s got two things going for it.”

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