Three things to do in Week Six

13th February 2017

HAVE you put yourself at the top of your To-Do List for the past five weeks? I know life gets in the way sometimes and it can be so difficult to be focussed on yourself.

The thing is even if you have a busy life, as long as you can spare a few minutes a day to listen to your Slimpod you’ll notice that it will get on with losing the weight and you can get on with your life – nothing could be easier, could it?!

So in your last week of Boot Camp I’d love you to do just three things:

  1. Keep listening to your Slimpod!
  2. Revisit your goals and see how you’ve progressed – remember if you haven’t lost as much weight as you wanted to, look at it as feedback and not failure!  This is SO important!
  3. Set your goals for the next six weeks and continue posting up your positives in Slimpod Club!

Remember, with Slimpod there is no wagon to fall off because this isn’t a diet.  Keep going and change the way you feel about food forever!

Here’s my week six video. Do let me know how you’ve got on and post your goals for the next six weeks down below if you’d like me to see them.  


Wendy Brotherwood

Boot Camp and the videos are brill I wonder if they could be part of when you buy the Programmes, as it makes it feel so personal
Thank you Sandra onward and upwards ?

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Thank you Wendy and well done! Onwards and upwards!


I have found this boot camp helpful and supportive.

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Fab news Freda! Sx

Ann Langley

I have found boot camp really supportive and helpful. Hope you run another soon.

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Great news. Thanks Ann! Next one will be in May but keep going!

Sandra Talbot

Feeling much more positive about things. Will definitely keep listening and I found the videos and boot camp really supportive helping me stay focused. Thank you all xx

Arlene Roque

Hello Sandra,
I’ve just started going back listening to slimpod again just last week … my last one was in 2013. I thought I’ve lost it all with changing gadgets … then just last week I was fortunate for a reply from the team and having the Apps too!
I would have love to join summer boot camp… but sounds too late though.. can I still do it on my own phase?

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