Three things women do better than men

24th September 2013

SOMETIMES it’s really fun to look through some of the quirky research out there that isn’t to do with weight loss and wellbeing. Now there are loads of things that we women just know we’re better at than men; for example I’m able to multitask, some of the males in my household can’t do that at all!

But what I’ve found really interesting to read is some of the things women do better than men and don’t even realise; thing’s we’d happily say “he’s much better at that than me” about – here’s just a few things women do better than men…

Parking the Car

A U.K. parking firm recently observed 2,500 parkers in over 700 car parks and found out some interesting results – that overall women are better at parking the car.

The firm judged seven categories: space finding, speed, pre-parking pose, reverse into space, forward into space, speed of manoeuvre, the reposition shuffle and central finish. Women scored the highest in six out of seven of these categories, yet when they were questioned by researchers only 18% of them said they thought they park the car better than the average man.

Tasting Beer

According to the writer Dan Abrams, who has written a whole book about the things women do better than men, women have a better sense of smell.They’re also more likely to have a greater number of sensitive taste buds, which means we’re really the professionals when it comes to taste-testing the perfect pint.

Handling Stress

The University of Western Ontario in Canada has noted that women will often do better in job interviews because they’re much better than males at handing stress, even if in the first place they were more anxious then men.

Because women prepare better when getting ready for something difficult by getting ready in good time, calling relatives etc. they are more likely to look better prepared. On the other hand, it is common for men to simply ignore or hide their anxiety, and therefore they feel and look a lot more pressured in the interview or in other difficult situations.

Do you feel more able to handle thing than the men in your life?  I’d love to hear your comments below about things women do better than men…

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