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Endorsed by NHS consultant

“I have found the benefits to be profound and positively life changing”

Mr Gideon Felton – NHS Consultant.

Many people prefer the support and structure of our Slimpod Gold 12-week Ultimate Transformation programme because it guides them every step of the way. They tell us it makes their Slimpod experience even more successful.

Slimpod Gold gives you access to a wealth of valuable resources including education on nutrition and sugar-free eating – plus advice and help with stress management and fitness.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of being guided gently through a three-phase programme, step by step at a pace to suit yourself with video coaching, sugar-free recipes and priority online support.

If you have already purchased our Slimpod Silver breakthrough programme, you are entitled to upgrade to Gold at a reduced price (please note, this special offer only applies to customers who have bought Slimpod Silver and not other products).

The big difference between Slimpod Gold and Silver is that Gold provides the security and support of a set 12-week programme, which is so important If you’ve lost confidence in your ability to lose weight.

It will be particularly effective if, in the past, you’ve found that self-sabotage and stress have prevented you from succeeding.

An important part of Gold’s amazing transformation power comes from listening to three extra pods.

THE SUGAR POD dramatically addresses any issues you may have (and may not even know you have!) with a sweet tooth.

THE FITPOD motivator empowers you to move more and enjoy exercise in a way you’ve never done before. You’ll feel energised from the inside out.

THE CHILLPOD addresses all the issues you might have with emotional eating caused by the problems of stress. Relax like never before!

Slimpod Gold normally sells for £137. However as an existing customer we’d like to offer you this super-value option,  available as instant digital downloads or on CD:

You can get the three extra pods today PLUS all the great benefits of the programme AND the bonus pod for just £89.


Upgrade to Gold today for the ultimate transformation

Full access to the Gold Members resource centre; 12 weeks of specialist support in your inbox; video coaching; priority online support; PLUS a sugar pod, a Chillpod and a Fitpod; healthy recipes; success log. Free weight bonus weight loss maintenance pod is available for you at the end of 12 weeks.
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IMPORTANT: Gold membership requires internet connection for best results even if you are using CD versions of our products