Vloggers! This video is specially for you

25th April 2016

ARE you a vlogger or a blogger who enjoys a bit of vlogging? Would you like to lose some weight for the summer – without dieting, without cravings and without willpower? Yes, it can be done, vloggers! This blog tells you how.

Over the years we’ve had many bloggers whose lives have been transformed with our Slimpod programme. Yes, they’ve lost weight, and given up sugar and chocolate – but they experience much more than that too – one of the major benefits is their confidence and self-esteem returns.

You can see some of our great blogger successes in our Review section.

A few weeks ago, a blogger posted a video in our Facebook private support group and in a very simple way, it captured so much of how she was feeling. Now I’ve recorded this little video just for you!

Slimpods have to be experienced to be believed. They are magical, transformational and life-changing. Like walking into another world where people start thinking like slim people.

No I’m not over-egging the pudding. I know they do – we have amazing clinical trials to prove it, loads of success stories and I’m constantly seeing posts on FB plus reviews that say just that. Have a look for yourself at our Success Stories.

The thing is though, reading about them just doesn’t do justice to that magic. But video does! Video captures the essence of what happens to you when you are experiencing the magic.

Vloggers, here’s your chance

So all you vloggers, this is where you come in! Right now, I’m looking for up to 30 vloggers to work with me on my Summer campaign.

You’ll get a free Slimpod Gold 12-week programme (valued at £137) and all I’m after in return is for you to capture some of the magic of the journey which will transform your relationship with food and much more.

I’m not asking you to stay with it for 12 weeks, although if you want to be truly successful that’s the thing to do. We have people losing up to two stone in 12 weeks, so there’s your incentive!

To be honest – I never know what’s going to happen. Some people stop eating chocolate, give up fizzy drinks and even begin to run – I’ve got someone who’s running a half marathon in a couple of weeks and she hadn’t run at all up to January 2016.

And that’s why this programme is going to be really exciting for me too – I absolutely love the stories that come through. It’s why I do what I do.

So here’s the email address customerservices@thinkingslimmer.com

Send me some info about yourself. We’ll get back to you with some more details.






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