Weight loss & mind: grandma knew best

1st June 2016

When people start on our Slimpod programmes, they generally begin to notice changes in their behaviour towards food and exercise.  Maybe a certain food doesn’t seem so appetising any more, maybe they are motivated to do a certain exercise that they had never considered before. All of these behaviour changes add up to a big shift and the weight begins to go.

Every so often people have flashes of inspiration and a big shift in mindset.  Once the changes start happening with Slimpod, people start to look in detail about the way they think around food, weight loss and health in general. Then they realise they never have to diet or punish themselves again.

Here is one story that came out on our private Slimpod Club group on Facebook this week (reproduced with permission). Helen was responding to a picture that somebody else had posted on the group and next thing a revelation happened about weight loss and the mind…

I’m reframing my thoughts I don’t believe it HAS to be hard any more I’m making peace with my body and it will learn that in future it won’t be feast then famine just good nutrition. I will tell myself that it is safe to let the weight go.

Wow Helen, that’s quite something! Who taught you about reframing and weight loss and the mind?

Grandma was an inspiration, she could turn just about any problem around. Of course no one called it reframing, she was just wise and made her family just before and during the war. She could help you find a silver lining in just about any cloud she was resilient and the only thin one amongst six sisters.

Later in life I discovered I was a natural leader and coach, great at problem solving. I learned about reframing in my business training coaching teams to high performance. I’m 58 now and stepped back from business leadership, that and my role as carer to my daughter, who has a learning disability, tore me in two directions and I burned out.

We all need mentors and coaches and I have only recently examined my beliefs and behaviours regarding my excess weight. I always understood weight loss to be a struggle:  Not eating and hunger to be overcome by willpower. Then always willpower is never enough and you give way to bingeing of some sort and set your body up to cycles of feast and famine.

I stress about my weight which causes cortisol to flow and inhibit weight loss. Every different regime I tried failed even Dukan diet which on the face of it worked fantastically well, I lost four stone in about nine months, then reached a plateau, and each ounce was harder and harder to shift. The weight bounced back on and some more as usual.

Slimpod has helped me turn this around my thinking now is about balance and self care. What if weight loss does not have to be a struggle? Can I eat like my thin friends and enjoy an ice cream without any guilt? I don’t know yet but this is road that I am trying…

Doesn’t Helen’s Grandma sound like an absolute inspiration?! It’s great when we have empowering people like this in our lives.

I just love it when Slimpod customers have lightbulb moments like this. Reframing is something Slimpods help people to do every day and put simply it opens your eyes (and mind) to other meaningful ways of achieving things when you’ve been “stuck” in the diet-fail-diet-fail rut.

You see, there is a better way to lose weight and it can be done easily when your mind is open to possibility! Weight loss and the mind just naturally go hand in hand.



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