Weight loss recipes for healthy eating

24th November 2015

WEIGHT loss recipes are an important tool for anyone who’s serious about losing weight and keeping it off by changing their lifestyle. Knowing what foods to eat and making full use of the art of sugar-free cooking is vital for health and wellbeing, as well as for weight loss.

Some people find the concept of weight loss recipes to be a contradiction. Surely all food makes you put on weight, they say. Not true!

Weight loss recipes make the best use of modern research into nutrition and neuroscience. And as medical science learns more and more about the crucial link between the food we eat and the effect it has on our hormonal and bio-chemical balance, so weight loss recipes adapt and put healthy theories into working practice.

One of the most important principles of all good weight loss recipes is to cut out processed sugar. This is important because sugar hijacks the brain and destroys the mental processes which keep you healthy.

Sugar-free cooking is easier than you might think. The secret of good weight loss recipes is to include only fresh meat, vegetables and sauces and not use anything ready-made from a packet, tin or jar.

Weight loss recipes broccoli pasta

The reason for this is that 80 per cent of processed food contains sugar (usually in the form of a substance called fructose) and it’s one of the major causes of today’s obesity epidemic.

My blog on fructose explains in detail why of all ingredients, this is the one that must be avoided in your weight loss recipes.

Sugar is one thing the body can quite happily do without. It is just carbohydrate of the kind we can do without – in fact, we’re much better off without it!

We can get all the vitamins, nutrients and fibre we need for a healthy life by eating fresh vegetables and fruit – lots of it, and often.

You’ll find sugar free cooking tips on my blog to help you see how tasty and nourishing good weight loss recipes can be.

And if you’ve got any weight loss recipes, please share them with everyone by leaving a comment below.

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