Will ‘fat tax’ just clobber the poor?

24th September 2013

I WAS on the radio this morning reviewing the papers for LBC and as luck would have it, one of the news items was this continuing debate on whether certain items of food and drink should be taxed because of their high fat or sugar content. My view is that this ‘Fat Tax’ is unworkable and impractical and really doesn’t address the root cause of the issue we have with obesity and the health problems our lifestyles cause.There is already, in effect, a tax on junk food as there is VAT on takeaway food and sugar-filled drinks. But let’s be honest, it’s not working. People are eating and drinking more and more of food that’s not good for them because it’s cheap.

In fact just a few minutes ago a lady on our Facebook page was saying how where she lives fresh strawberries are almost the same price as a processed Happy Meal.

I believe poorer people will suffer even more and become even less healthy if there is a ‘fat tax.’. Figures show obesity levels are far higher in poorer homes and areas of high unemployment, poor education and bad housing.

I firmly believe we need to tackle ingrained behaviours around food and exercise if anything is to change.

On the radio this morning to my delight the Government minister agreed with me. What do you think??


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