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17th May 2015

WE’RE getting to that time of year again… summer! The first hot days – and some rain! – have appeared and it’s starting to feel a bit like summer.  The children are nearly on half term again, and that means it really is only a couple of months to the summer holidays. How did that come round so fast again?  I’m sure I don’t know. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about things that you could be doing to get set for summer.  Have you had that pedicure yet?

Some people need a confidence boost as summer comes, either in terms of losing a dress size or two, or allowing themselves to believe that they look fab when the winter layers are peeled off.  If you are needing a boost then I have got just the thing for you – a Slimpod Treasure Hunt.

Over the next 10 days lots of our lovely blogger friends are giving away one Slimpod each. Every one of these lovely ladies has been listening to a pod, so they can tell you about what it has done for them and what you can expect.

Each one is giving away one copy of our most popular Slimpod – Drop Two Dress sizes – which retails for £29.99, so you have got lots of opportunities to win.

Here are blog posts where you’ll find the giveaways – please take your time and read what these bloggers have got to say.

Kara Guppy of Chelsea Mamma

Jen Dixon of My Mummy’s Pennies

Stacey McCall of Mummy M’s memories

AK Templer from My Buggy Junction

Julie Martin from Julie’s Notebook

Louise Edwards from My Gorgeous Boys

Jo Brigdale from Jo’s Kitchen

Erika Holt from Eclectic Enchantments

Debbie O’Connor from Motivating Mum

Kylie Hodges at Not Even a Bag of Sugar 

Some of them have had amazing results and all of them have seen a huge boost in their confidence.  It’s not too late for you to get your sparkle back in time for summer and you can even get started now.

If you make a purchase from Thinking Slimmer between now and 25th May when the competitions close, and then you win one of our giveaways, we will refund the value of your purchase.

So now you have no excuse to Get Set for Summer – let’s do it!

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