Weight loss wizard’s cycling across Cuba

23rd April 2014

WEIGHT loss wizard Darin McCloud is truly an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. Tomorrow he’s flying to Cuba to take part in a 195-mile cycle ride. What makes that so extraordinary? Well, three years ago Darin weighed over 20 stones, was diabetic and could hardly walk down the street without getting out of breath.

Now thanks to his amazing weight loss Darin is an athlete and a cyclist – he’s run the London Marathon and completed a triathlon in which double Olympic medallist Dame Kelly Holmes took part.

I can’t tell you how excited Trevor and I are about the way Darin has transformed his life beyond recognition because of his weight loss with the help of his Slimpods.

Last week I popped down to see Darin in Portsmouth to wish him well on his latest adventure.

Darin McCloud diabetic marathon runner easy lasting weight loss - Thinking Slimmer

Darin and I in Portsmouth last week

Darin was with his lovely partner Hazel and they were both bursting with the latest news of Darin’s other great achievement – the way he has got his type 2 diabetes totally under control. For the first time he’s off insulin altogether and he’s a living example that anything’s possible.

When I first met Darin he was plastered all over the national press because he was desperately trying to get a gastric band.

Darin McCloud Slimpod weight loss star meets Dame Kelly Holmes

Darin and Dame Kelly

Over the next year or so with the help of a Slimpod I was thrilled to see him achieve weight loss of over five stone and take up running. I’ll always remember his first outing as an athlete – the Great South Run. We made a very emotional video that day which I think you’ll enjoy.

From there he moved up to half marathons, then the full marathon. Now he cycles everywhere and despite a few muscle injuries he’s as keen as mustard.

You can wish Darin good luck for his Cuban adventure by leaving a comment for him on our Facebook page >>

Darin has a great saying about his weight loss: “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”  He’s right, you know.

So what are you waiting for?


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