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95% lose weight in our clinical trials

A researcher at City University London carried out independent clinical trials, testing Slimpod with a group of users against a control group who listened to a non-weight loss recording. All participants had a BMI above 25 at the start of the six-month trials. Slimpod was found to significantly reduce weight and improve eating self-efficacy among overweight adults. The researcher told us: “You should be proud of your results.”


In independent clinical trials, the dynamic, interactive approach of Slimpod yielded positive results and illustrated the benefits of utilising an audio weight loss method. Listening to the recording on a daily basis was shown to improve quality of life, eating and exercise self-efficacy and weight loss.

The clinical trials report concludes:Slimpod was effective at reducing weight and increasing eating self-efficacy…Slimpod could, therefore, be included as part of the suite of interventions offered by healthcare professionals to those seeking to lose weight.”

  • 95 per cent of the people who listened to a Slimpod lost weight.

  • On average each one lost 9.5 lbs. The biggest loss was 22 lbs.

  • The average weight loss in the non-Slimpod group was 1.9 lbs.

  • In the Eating Self Efficacy results,  Slimpod helped people to manage their overeating in a high risk situation such as socialising.
  • Exercise and Quality of Life also showed a statistically significant increase.
  • The cost of the Slimpod is 0.5 per cent of the average cost of bariatric surgery.

This graph shows the weight loss results over 24 weeks


Zero weight loss is the start point.

Research and ethic committee of the department of psychology of City University London approval number: PSYETH (UPTD) 12/13 71. The results of the trial are being presented at the research conference of the British Journal of General Practice in March 2020.


How much better Slimpod listeners said they were eating

Participants in the Slimpod clinical trials were asked for feedback on changes they had noticed over six months. Comments given to the researcher included:

“I now eat smaller portions and understand when I am full.”

“I am eating more healthily. Less desire for junk food.”

“I feel that I am able to make better choices about what I eat.”

“I can walk around the supermarket and not buy sweets and cakes.”

“I have started to exercise now almost daily for at least 20 minutes.”

“I have found other ways to relax instead of snacking on biscuits when stressed!”

NHS consultant praises “life-changing” Slimpod



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