4 out of 5 women slim down for summer

25th September 2013

FOUR out of five women aim to slim down by summer and April 22 is the day when they’re most likely to start losing weight to get into their summer beachwear. That’s what Asda found when they surveyed 2,000 women. Just over half of women have a weight loss goal of 11lbs and with three months to go before the kids break up the good news is that most of them will make it.

The survey shows that women in their thirties are most likely to start losing weight today – many of them by dieting, sadly for them – and they say they plan to lose weight sensibly through healthy eating and exercise.

I hope enough of them discover Slimpods, because by helping you to visualise yourself in your beachwear in three months’ time – whether that be a bikini, a one-piece cossie or something that covers you up a little – A Slimpod makes it much easier for you set and achieve the goals that will give you the body confidence you need for the beach or around the pool.

Of course, the good thing about Slimpods is that they will help you to change your eating habits without the need for willpower – your whole relationship with food changes in a really positive way.

Whichever way you’ve decided to lose weight for the summer, even if you’re going to put yourself through the anguish of a diet, I truly hope it works for you.

After all, we women deserve a good summer holiday after all the hard work we put in during the rest of the year.

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