Breast cancer risk cut by being active

19th March 2014

BREAST cancer is a horrible disease and I’d dearly love to get the women of the world walking every day – because new research shows that being active dramatically reduces your chances of getting breast cancer. Most of us understand that keeping our weight down cuts the risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Now scientists have discovered that being unfit increases the risk of breast cancer however slim you are.

Even the things we do every day such as carrying the shopping home, gardening, walking the dog or playing with children can have a hugely beneficial effect. And the most important message of all is that it’s never too late in life to start doing more.

The research from Sweden was unveiled at the International Congress on Obesity, which heard that women don’t necessarily have to work up a sweat in the gym to cut the odds of getting breast cancer.

Obesity professor Yiva Trolle Lagerros said: “Usually what you do in the gym is only a very small part of your total activity for the day. It is the total amount of exercise you get in the day that counts, regardless of where you get it.”

Weight is still an important factor, of course. The professor said being obese increases the odds of breast cancer by 58 per cent, while merely being overweight increases it by 20 per cent.

The women at greatest risk are those who are obese and inactive because their risk of breast cancer is double that of slim, fit women.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which claims nearly 1,000 lives a month in the UK alone.

Thousands of women have found that using Slimpods and Fitpods helps them lose weight and motivates them to be more active than they ever dreamed possible. Look at the Thinking Slimmer case histories of ladies who’ve gone from being couch potatoes to running marathons.

I’d be so excited if their stories inspired you to become more active.  We owe it to our families – as well as ourselves – to do all we can to be as healthy as possible.

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I’d love to hear from you about what you do every day to keep yourself in shape. Your comments will help inspire others, so don’t be shy!

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