Let’s meet up and help support this wonderful cause for women

12th October 2020

FANCY having coffee with me on Wednesday morning? It will obviously be a virtual coffee, rather than face to face and it’s in aid of a wonderful cause – the Prince’s Trust campaign Women Supporting Women.

Personal empowerment is hugely important to me because it’s what the Slimpod programme is all about – empowering you take control over food, sugar empowering you to live and love your life !

This week the Trust is encouraging women to support women by holding  virtual get-togethers called Brilliant Breakfast. But I’m renaming mine Brilliant Brunch because I know so many people don’t actually have breakfast (which is no big deal).

The aim is to raise money for young women in the UK who need our support, helping them to wake up to a more positive future.

Young people are among the hardest hit by COVID-19. Prince’s Trust research says over half of young women say their anxiety has increased because of the crisis and say finding a job feels impossible – this is why it’s more important than ever to support young women.

According to The Times, 80 per cent of those who have lost their jobs since the crisis began are women and two-thirds are aged 18-34. Women are a third more likely than men to work in a sector that is now shut down.

How you can help

One of the patrons of Women Supporting Women is Holly Tucker (pictured below), the founder of Not On The High Street. Holly’s one of the most inspiring women I’m fortunate enough to know and I’m delighted to be giving my support.

She has set up a JustGiving page and I’m going to be adding to that page with my donation.

There’s absolutely no pressure but I’d love Slimpodders to donate to this wonderful cause as well. Even a £5 donation will help give hope to a young woman somewhere.

Holly’s told me she’ll try to pop in to our Brilliant Brunch to say hello so fingers crossed!

Here’s her fund-raising page:


How you can join me

So I’d love you to join me on Wednesday (October 14) any time between 10 and 11. It’s really easy, you’ll just need to download the free Zoom app. Hit this link www.GoldGatherings.com on Wednesday and use the password Slimpod.

Important: Don’t search for GoldGatherings – it won’t work. The only way to join me is by clicking on the link in this email.

Put the kettle on, prepare yourself a nice healthy brunch and we’ll have a lovely chat.

If you don’t want brunch, just have a drink with us. Tea, coffee, water, whatever you fancy.

And you don’t have to stay for the whole hour – just pop in for a few minutes if you’ve got a busy morning ahead.

Would just be nice to see your face and meet you. 🙂

Here’s some extra special news

One of the things I’ll be sharing at the Brilliant Brunch is details of the launch of a new online support service for Slimpodders – whether you’re in Slimpod Club or not.

If you can’t make it tomorrow, I’ll be revealing all in a blog next week.

Please let me know in a comment below if you’ll be joining my Brilliant Brunch on Wednesday.

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Caro McAdam

What a fab idea! I can’t stay for the whole hour but am aiming to join you between 10 & 10.30

Annette Robinson

I am at work but will try to pop in for a while on a tea break about 10 ish thank you have lost just under 2 Stone thankyou xx

Rachel Esling

I would love to join in but unfortunately I will be working.

Sandra Treanor

I will certainly try – I have a wedding fair to attend at 2pm so will make sure I’m very organised so I can join in.

Kathryn swift

Sounds a great idea, would love to attend but will be at work (no rest for the wicked) lol. Have a lovely time and I will try and pop in to your blog for a catch up. I will also take a look at Holly’s just giving page. Xx

Jacque Rubens

Look forward to joining you OST op recovery permitting!


I can’t promise but I really try to make it. I don’t do Twitter or blog so I’ll follow the links.

Lesley jo Anne

Love to ! See you then x
I’ll leave a donation on Hollys just giving page.

Trisha Nicholls

I will be there with my brunch 🥑

Caroline Chittleburgh

Hi Sandra – I have another commitment at 10.30 but will aim to join you for a little while. Will make a small donation. Thanks again for your time last Friday.

Jan Bell

Such a good idea and I will join in.

Sharon Hughes

Sorry Sandra, sounds good but unfortunately, I am working

Janet Murray

Sounds Wonderful!


Great idea! Thank you…I would love to join your Brilliant Brunch on Weds morning. See you then. Stavroulla 🌻

Annette Robinson

I am at work but will try to pop in for a while on a tea break about 10 ish thank you have lost just under 2 Stone thankyou xx


I am hoping to join, work permitting.


I will be able to join you at at 10am what a great idea 😀

Margaret Dawson

Really sorry I can’t make it, Sandra but I’ve already arranged to see a friend – socially distanced of course!

Lorraine Martin

Will hopefully be able to join you for a wee while thanks

Sandy Faulkner

Yes I would like to join you on Wednesday for coffee

Janette Mcnaughton

Sorry I work. shifts and am night shift at the moment so I won’t be able to join you maybe one day when I am off duty

Angela Raeburn

I am working. It would have been great to join in.

Lynne kerridge

Hope I can make it. I have my physio/exercise class from 9.30 – 10.30 but then I can hopefully join you 😀

Eva Myers

Thanks for the invitation but unfortunately I can’t make Wednesday as my time is promised to a community project. Shame, I’d love to have been there! I will take a look at Holly’s Just Giving page though and catch up on the blog.

Andrea Blackall

Hi Sandra. Luckily I’m off this week so I’ll be able to come!

Joanne Pitts

I’ll be there after my morning walk 😊

June Ward

I’ll try to remember to pop my head around the screen

Clare Jenkins

It will depend on my husband’s health so if I don’t make it will be thinking of you all. Will be donating anyhow

Ros Wells

Sounds great – I’ll do my very best to join you if I can


Thank you for the invite, I’m on a first social distanced team away day tomorrow so unfortunately won’t make it, I’ll watch out for the update on the blog, have fun!

Martine Woodvine

Hi Sandra. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it. I might have to lounge instead of sitting up. Have earmarked the time, and will have a look at the Just giving page.

Jacqui Milner

Would love to join you all and hope to do so but I will be on call to collect a friend from hospital after having a hysterectomy and will have to leave if I get a call from the hospital to say she can be picked up.

Sue down

Would love to pop in.


Please count me in! Thanks xx


I have the day off tomorrow (flexi is too high) so will join you

Sue Mifsud

Great idea but I’ll be at work (in a Teams meeting)

carol hayden

Lovely idea but unfortunately I am at work enjoy 😊


hoping to join you

Christina Impey

Thank you for inviting me hoping to be able to attend


I have the day off tomorrow so will join you

Sheila Denholm

Thank you for the invite Sandra but I will be unable to join you on Wednesday. I hope it goes well and you all enjoy the experience.

Judy Issitt

What a lovely idea…I have an appointment at 10am but if finished in time will try and join in. Thank you xx


Yes Sandra I would love to join you for a coffee tomorrow, and learn more about the Women supporting Women cause

Helen Beaven

Thank you for the invitation, I would love to join you, (if technology allows) for Brunch.
See you tomorrow


I will try to join – not sure yet what time!

Dorothy Clark

I will do my
Best to join in, wven if it’s only a little while, as I’m at work


Hi Sandra
I will pop in for some brunch with you x

Denise Grenfell

I’m working and not allowed my phone in the work place because of the nature of my job. Gutted!! Never mind, might not be working next time. Have a lovely time podders and the slim pod team 😊xo

Kate Lewis

Sounds lovely, but I’ll be out at work unfortunately.


Very sorry to miss this, but we have made a donation to Holly’s page. Another inspiring woman out there changing people’s lives.

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