Consistent small weight losses are the key to long-term success

9th October 2017

DAY IN and day out I come across so many people who get really upset if they’re not consistently losing lots of weight each week. Some people then stop doing whatever they’re doing because they think the weight loss plan has stopped working, or it gets too hard to sustain.

They then blame themselves for “falling off the wagon” which leads to comfort eating to make themselves feel good. This, of course, then becomes a vicious cycle, inevitably leading to regaining any weight they’ve lost.

We live in an “instant” world where people can get most things almost immediately.  However, this just doesn’t happen with weight loss because your body won’t let it.

I’m constantly saying “steady wins the race” and a study has been published in the journal Obesity which proves this is the best way of losing weight long term.

It found that “hares” who crash dieted their way to slimness lost less weight over two years than “tortoises” who shed a consistent number of pounds over time.

The research shows that it seems that developing stable, repeatable behaviours related to food intake and weight loss early on in a weight control programme is really important for maintaining changes over the long term.

Which is precisely what my Slimpod weight loss programmes do, of course!

Professor Michael Lowe, from Drexel University in the US, said his research showed that sticking to weight-loss goals was important even if progress was slow.

He said: “Settle on a weight-loss plan that you can maintain week in and week out, even if that means consistently losing three quarters of a pound each week.”

Such good advice!

Here’s a link to the study:

Consistent Pounds Shed Leads To Weight Loss


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Liz Riley

I am really struggling with losing any weight at all. I eat when stressed and that is what is happening now due to family problems. I am walking more but then feel hungry feel it’s a catch 22 situation. I diligenty listen to Trevor but lose no weight. Even half a pound a week would be great.

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Hey Liz, a lot of people find stress drives them to eat. What do you eat when you’re stressed and Have you got our Chillpod?

Liz Lambert

I really believe that it a sustainable life changing approach to healthy eating is so much better. Why seek an end point for the effort to remain lean and fit? What’s the point in doing really well for 10 weeks only to slip back into sabotaging your health with sugary, over refined, artery clogging food. Make the change to healthy eating and exercise and you body will eventually reach and equilibrium that is right for you: it may not be fast but it will be lasting.

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Wise words Liz! Thank you!

Fi Cumming

If just one pound is lost per week that would be four stone in a year. That would be very good.

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Indeed! So what do you need to do to achieve 1lb a week loss?

Kerry fish

This came just when I needed that nudge


This is very interesting as I, like so many others want instant results which then turn out to be inconsistent and give up as whatever I’m doing isn’t working, now I’d have given up as it’s taken about 10 weeks to loose 3lb but slowly I’m realising that it doesn’t matter how slowly the weight comes off, just that it does, after all it took about 10 years to put it on. Slmpod is changing the way I think about myself as a person and my original weight loss and health goals, which to be honest, before Slimpod, were pretty ridiculous and doomed to fail. I catch myself making healthier choices and smile, keep listening changes will happen.


A very true and reassuring article. As an avid crash dieter who still is not reaching long term health and fitness goals this is exactly what I need to hear and remind myself daily when I want to start eliminating foods or going crazy with exercise/ running for that holiday or special event quick fix. I have also just made the connection between doing this and then subsequent comfort eating (and regaining all that weight).. this cycle needs to stop and my mantra is now ‘consistency is key’… Wish me luck!

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