Counting calories can harm weight loss

13th June 2016

Counting calories keeps food at the front of your mind, which means you’re forced to constantly think about it. So should you be counting calories or points when you’re on a Slimpod programme? This is the first of a series of blog posts where I’ll be answering weight-loss related questions from our Slimpod community.

This first question was raised in our Slimpod Club on Facebook  last week and this is a summary of the detailed reply that I gave to the lady who asked it.

The idea behind Slimpod, which makes it different from other weight loss programmes, is that it assists your mind and body to connect, working in harmony to do the work of weight loss together.

The Slimpod relegates food to the back of your mind so you’re not constantly thinking about it. Food should be fuel, not an obsession. Too many people think about food morning, noon and night. 

If you’re going to lose weight doesn’t it make sense that you stop constantly thinking about the one thing that’s keeping you fat?  

The biggest problem is that after years of dieting people get actually get addicted to them and, while they never keep off the weight they might have lost, they continue to do what they’ve always done.

That’s because our brains default to the familiar rather than taking the risk of doing something different. It also takes time to trust something new, but if you’re going to change, you have to take a leap and trust Slimpod.

In clinical trials 95 per cent of Slimpod users lost weight over six months – that’s better results than diets can achieve!

The funny thing is that diets actually hypnotise people to do the same thing over and over despite them not working effectively in the long term.

I don’t know of any other business or service which has people coming back time after time when something hasn’t worked!! Diets even get people to blame themselves when it’s really not their fault!

If people lost weight effectively on diet programmes that involve counting calories they wouldn’t have 75 per cent repeat business!

Slimpods literally dehypnotise you from that pattern of behaviour so you can have a normal relationship with food for the first time in years.

The important thing is to look at the nutrition in what you’re eating rather than counting calories.

Look at the portion size that makes you feel just comfortably satisfied, and concentrate on eating only when you are hungry – not because some diet plan has told you when you need to eat! In that way you’ll learn how to eat properly and the fat will disappear too.

The Slimpod system empowers you to trust yourself; and the choices you make, because that’s really where you need to be. To start that process you’ll need to put your trust in it to help you.

You’ll soon gain the confidence in your eating choices and your own self confidence – what’s not to like about that?

Remember to give it a little time and record all the positive differences you’ll notice. This is fundamentally important because your brain likes reward!

Record the positive habit changes rather than counting calories – that’s so much more beneficial because at the end of the day it’s your habits that need to change.

Slimpod helps you learn to have a new, and better relationship with food.

counting calories


If you would like a weight loss query answered, please send an email with subject line Ask Sandra to CustomerServices or tweet #AskSandra to @thinkingslimmer.



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