Don’t panic! Keep calm and carry on losing that weight

31st August 2018

WE’RE approaching the end of the Summer in the UK and I know it’s probably been one of the worst times of year to stay on track with weight loss goals – apart from Christmas!  I’ll bet anything that routine has gone out the window and you’ll be panicking because you think you’ve lost the plot yet again!

But hold on!  Don’t panic, as Corporal Jones used to say in Dad’s Army.

This is TOTALLY normal and you need to know that you’re not alone.  I’ve had a ridiculously busy August too and I know exactly how you feel. I seriously do!

I’ve had so much going on during the holiday season and August is also full of birthdays, anniversaries, cake and alcohol! I’ve let normal routine and habits go a bit and my trousers are probably a little tighter than when the Summer began.

BUT the difference is – I don’t panic.  I know I can get back to my normal eating habits quite easily when I set my mind to it – and more to the point, for me August is just an obstacle that gets built into my life.

It isn’t a normal month! So my brain knows how to deal with it and I don’t panic about gaining a few lbs because I know they will go as quickly as they came.

But this attitude and mindset has come with time, consistency and practice.  It’s not because I’m any different to anyone else, or I’m superhuman.

My eating habits are not perfect, but most of the time I eat healthily and I don’t panic if I overdo it for a few weeks.  I certainly don’t think I’ve blown it and all is lost!

I look to the future and work out my next goal.

That goal for me happens to be to fit comfortably in my size 10 trousers by the end of September and I know I will.

So how do you feel about joining me?

Start with re-setting your goal.  Make it a small one – say 21 days or max 30 days.  Set a goal that’s totally achievable – like feeling more comfortable in something that’s become a bit tight.

You know what you have to do but If you need help, ask below or if you’re a member of Slimpod Club take part in the community challenge that will begin on Monday September 10.

Now read Wendy’s inspiring story

To help with your motivation and to give you a boost, I thought I’d share a lovely story with you that really made me smile.

I’d like to introduce you to Wendy who sent me a little note with her progress after seven weeks on her Slimpod Programme. This is what she wrote:

“I was hooked on day one and from the very next day I have not eaten any snacks or sugary foods, I have not weighed myself and never will.

“I have eaten healthy and not dieted. I have exercised about four times a week at the gym and when on holiday I walked or had a little run. 

“I have stayed away from anyone who I think will try and sabotage me (drains) and stayed close to my radiator friends 🙂 who encourage me.

“The first 10 days were not so much hard with willpower but more about the voices of Angel and the Devil getting along with each other and helping me.

“These chats would be quite frequent as I started to retrain, but after 10 days I seemed to settle and not be reliant on listening to them.   

“Now all three of us are getting to used to this new life of mine of thinking slimmer, eating healthy and moving about. 

“I have sent a photo from July 3 when I started and a photo from six weeks (half way). The difference is profound.

Above: Wendy’s selfie on Day One

Wendy on Day 42 – “profound difference”

“I know it’s only week seven but I feel so grateful , this is a life saver for me and next week I go back to the doctors to see if my blood pressure has reduced.

“I could write a huge list of this journey so far like the help, videos, pods and programme –  it’s so clever. My only downfall is the success log, which I will pick up again as it is useful.

“My advice to people is you have to WANT to lose weight and you have to be READY, if you don’t have this then the pods get blocked in the brain.   

“If you follow the rules it really works but you must WANT to and not expect a magic wand 🙂

“Thank you, thank you. I am looking forward to the next five weeks 🙂 ”

How wonderful is that?  If you’ve got a similar story that would help motivate others in our community please do let me know below.  Would love to hear from you.

And let Wendy know how proud you are of what she’s achieved already!

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Fantastic result well done , just waiting to get my mojo back to get started again .

Maria Woodford

Well done Wendy as u say u have to be in the right place and it’s great u r.
I’m not right now everything seems to be going wrong that can all at once. Taking up all my time but I’ll get back on board and catch u up as soon as I can. Well done again.

Eva Myers

Oh how right you are – just this afternoon I found myself looking in the mirror with despair and so this message has come just at the right time.
Wendy looks fantastic and has done so well! Time to knuckle down for me.


Wow Wendy, absolutely amazing and thank you so much for sharing your photos, incredible difference in such a short time. I’m so looking forward to the 7th week to see the changes in my shape. ?

Barbara Whitty

Well done that’s great news , so inspiring now l know l can get my mojo back ??

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