Boot Camp 2: How to eat to lose fat, by Dale the Medicinal Chef

14th January 2019

HI THERE, Boot Campers! I’m so happy you’re taking part in the four week challenge!  Following on from last week and the work we did creating our Goalmaps, in week 2 we get down to business!  The food!!

Obviously Slimpod motivates us to automatically make healthier food choices, which is key,  but I know there’s a lot of confusion about what food is best to help you lose fat.

So this week I thought I’d bring in some expert advice and the Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock, is here to help you get a step closer to achieving those goals you created!

Dale has written 14 books and appeared on TV many times so he knows a thing or two about healthy eating!

I asked Dale to join me to help you with your mission towards lasting weight loss and here’s the video:

The link to Dale’s programme is here and if you insert the code SLIMPOD you’ll get a 15 per cent discount.

So let’s put Dale’s advice into practice over the next few weeks and build some healthy habits!

Use food to our advantage, whether it’s for weight loss, wellbeing or general health. Remember you are what you eat.

How to eat to lose fat

So for the next three weeks I would like you to focus on loving your body – and I mean really loving it!

Imagine it’s your most prized possession, something you worship and care about.

You could even imagine your body is a six-month-old baby – how careful would you be about what went in its mouth?

Healthy eating means cutting refined carbs!

Here’s the task!  For the next 21 days, I’d really like you consciously be aware of the refined carbs and processed food you’re eating and gently cut them down.

This means cake, biscuits, white bread, chocolate, white pasta and anything that you know in your heart is not worthy of going into your mouth!

Slimpod will be nudging you towards the healthier choices but there’s so much food that looks healthy but really isn’t nutritious or good for you at all!

There’s SO much hidden sugar in processed foods so aim to avoid them.  I’m not asking you to give them up completely, all I’m doing is asking you to be a bit more aware of what you’re putting in your shopping trolley and then in your mouth!

I bet you’ll be amazed how easily you can do this and imagine how much good you’ll be doing your body.

Remember, we’re not dieting here.  We’re just making a few good changes to your daily eating habits.

One of the main action points for this week is to make sure you eat protein twice a day. Lean meat, fish and eggs are packed with healthy protein.

This is the only thing I’m going to insist on.

So just to recap: It’s really simple. Cut down on the refined carbs! That means less processed food. And pump up the protein!

You’ll naturally be losing interest in most of the sweet stuff and snacks but sometimes we’re fooled by the marketers and we fall prey to the 3 for 2 offers – so beware!!

If you don’t buy them they won’t get into your mouth!

I’m hoping you’ve taken your measurements last week, but if you haven’t do it now!

If you have a tight pair of trousers or a skirt then in three weeks it should be easier to get into.

So there you go!  Your Slimpod will support you with your healthy eating and I’d love you to write down your daily wins below or if you’re a member of the Slimpod Community share them with us there.

Here’s to your success!

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Sounds easy but I know from past experience it’s not , might be easier
Because it’s not a diet


Enjoying the education and feeling some benefit thank you x

Heather Todd

Okay. So I am 1 month in, felt very low as Slimpod stopped working, Cannot access it at all, but after emailing for help found these pages which after reading has renewed my positivity. Its Sunday 10:30pm, I have just signed up to my local Gym, I will start a diary tomorrow and log my positives daily ( something I have not been doing) and get back to the daily pods once the technical fault is sorted. NOT giving in to self pity or the knee injury, I can work around that!

Serina Hunter

Only started and 4 days in had a binge. So disappointed with myself. Next day thought this has to stop.. Started again and began walking for exercise. Years of over eating will not be solved in a short time,

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