You just gotta have faith if you’re going to achieve your goals

9th September 2018
Do you believe in your weight loss goals? Do you believe you’ll achieve them? How often do you set off wanting to drop a size or two but deep down inside you feel it’s a lost cause?
In this video I explain why so many people have no faith in their goals and how that limiting belief may be preventing you from losing the weight you’re so desperate to shift.

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Heather Mills

That sounds like me.I always think I’m stupid when I can’t do things properly.No self love here.?


Sandra & Trevor have convinced me that I can do it. I have committed to being sugar free for next 21 days.

Rosie Jones

I believe I can do it now. Started 21 days of sugar free eating.


This is spot on. I have been doing slimpod for 27 days now and my expectations were I’d lose at least 8 – 10lbs as I’ve completely cut out all added sugar, biscuits, crisps, savoury snacks and alcohol. My expectations have not been met…yet. However the biggest positive for me is that I am no longer emotional and feel so much more in tune with my body. I have changed my eating behaviours and if I do feel like something nice I’ll make oat & banana slices which taste like flapjack. I’m eating more vegetables and no longer look at “golden foods” which are so high in saturated fats. I have reframed as Sandra suggests and look at things so differently now. My new default aisle is fruit & veg and don’t have any desire to go down the processed food aisles and this was due to me taking on board the advice given when it was explained in one of Sandra’s videos how supermarket marketing of food is set out. That was such an eye opener. Also listening to Dr Robert Lustig was an absolute eye opener, such was his message about the bitter truth of sugar, I’ve started buying fruit/magazine treats for my young grandsons rather than sweets! Looking so forward to my new healthy lifestyle going forward. ?


I fully associate with this. I’ve been overweight since a young age and tried diet after diet without success. I certainly didn’t love my body especially after getting bullied through secondary school. I have tried so many different things, I hate having my photograph taken. Definitely not enough self love here. I have ME so find exercise is almost impossible so that makes me feel trying to lose weight is even more useless. I need help to change this.

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Are you on a Slimpod programme Angela?


Hi Sandra, yes I am on the Slimpod Gold programme. I’ve listened to the slimpod for two nights now and have already found my stress over food relaxing. My journal is up and running and one positive has been that I have already started having smaller portions which is something I struggled with on the previous plan I was on.

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