Falling off the wagon? Not with Slimpod

28th June 2016

By Trevor Silvester.

ONE of the problems with diets is that they break – we call it falling off the wagon. It’s inevitable that at some time during your torturous journey to your target weight, using whatever unnatural or boringly restrictive method the diet advocates, your willpower is going to be overwhelmed in the rush to a treat.

And the most common response to “breaking” your diet? Break it some more.

“Well, I’ve ruined the diet for today with that bar of chocolate, I’ll start again tomorrow”. Often what follows for the rest of the day isn’t pretty.

In the language I use for the Slimpods I avoid any notion of a diet, instead I nudge your unconscious towards making better eating choices – let’s face it, we all know what they are.

Another favourite idea is that anything more than nothing is something: that as long as the majority of your food choices are taking you towards where you want to go, then you’re on target.

There’s no falling off the wagon or the breaking of anything. So if you find yourself drinking a delicious full fat latte every now and again that’s fine – just don’t be surprised if you don’t finish it.

Thinking Slimmer is about sustainable weight loss, not short term success. We’ll be with you all the way, and so will be your new approach to food.

Look forward to reaching your target weight – and staying there.



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