The art of goal-setting made easy when you’re losing weight

11th January 2019

IN my first blog about New Year Boot Camp on Monday I said I had an amazing goal-setting expert to help you create goals that will serve you through 2019 and help you succeed.  Brian Mayne is great friend, mentor and a world leader in personal development.

He works with corporates and celebrities worldwide, helping them achieve great things in their lives. In the video below Brian takes you through the process of creating a goal map by using his system – and it’s free!

Brian explains how his unique and exciting goal-setting system works and shows you how easy it is to create your own goal map that you can use to help visualise your goals and help you to lose weight.

Brian and his Goalmapping system helped to change my life many years ago and I still use it all the time so I’m sharing the magic of goal-setting with you today. He explains everything in this video below which I’m sure will inspire you and capture your imagination they it did for me when I first met Brian many years ago.


I would REALLY encourage you to spend a few minutes creating your own goal map.   Please do take a picture of it and post below or in Slimpod Club if you’re a member of our private group on Facebook.  I’d love to see them!

While you’re at The Slimpod Channel on YouTube you might want to subscribe – because then you’ll get a notification every time a new video goes up each week.

Look out for next Monday’s blog which will star another one of my expert friends, the Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock.

We’re about to record another video together and in this next one, Dale will be giving you tips on how to eat to lose that excess fat for the last time!


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Paula Higgleton-Wood

Great video. Excited about setting my goals using Brian’s goal mapping site! This will greatly enhance my morning ritual of visualisation. Thank you.

Helen Gee

This was a really useful blog. Goal setting is so useful in all areas of life. For slimming though I find the best type of goal is to stick to healthy eating for a set number of days at a time rather than have specific goals in terms of weight or inch loss.

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