Junk food: Fix what it does to your heart

15th October 2013

JUNK food damages your heart, so thank goodness for the pomegranate. It’s an amazing fruit because not only does it taste good, it does you good as well. Heart specialists have discovered it could undo some of the damage done by junk food by helping blood vessels to stay healthy, which is a key step in keeping heart attacks and strokes at bay.

I’ve been preaching the virtues of Nature’s wonderfoods for a long time and it’s good to see that research is backing up all the benefits of fruit and veg.

Researchers have tested a pill packed with pomegranate plant chemicals called polyphenols and found it cancelled out many of the effects of a diet of fatty junk food.

Eating too much fat can cause hardening of the arteries but the pomegranate pill significantly reduced this effect.

Other research has shown that pomegranates can lower blood pressure by reducing the amount of stress hormones made by the body. And a glass of pomegranate juice a day has been shown to improve the flow of blood to the chart by more than a third in people whose arteries were clogged with cholesterol.

So if you’re consuming a lot of junk food a week – say one takeaway cheeseburger, one processed meal or one pizza – they do your heart a favour and move away from the junk food and on to healthy Wonderfoods like the good old pomegranate.

 You can discover more about Nature’s wonderfoods here >>

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