I lost 28lbs with my Slimpod and learned to start liking myself

4th October 2019


I ,ost 28lbs with Slimpod

I LOST 28lbs with Slimpod but just as importantly, I’ve learned to like myself! That was the message I got the other day from a lovely lady called Alex Fenn.  She went on: “If I could say one thing to anyone who thinks they can’t do diets…DO SLIMPOD! It works from the head not the stomach, the support is great and I can’t thank Sandra and the team enough. You have changed my life x.”

That really brought a lump to my throat, as you can imagine. So I contacted Alex and when she then emailed me her full story I was so moved that I just have to share it with you all.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s one of the most inspiring stories you can imagine – and one that will strike a chord with so many people.

Alex is rightly proud that she can now say “I lost 28lbs.” And that’s just the start. So far she’s gone from a size 20/22 to a 16/18.

This is her story exactly as she wrote it:

“It all starts back in the 80s when I remember being constantly warned I must eat or I would be anorexic. This left me terrified of diets and skewed my ideas of healthy eating.

“I had no control over my food as a child, it was whatever my mum put out for us. But as soon as I left home, my eating habits became shocking – as I could have what I wanted and I soon learned to eat my feelings.

“By the early 90s I was married, was eating for two and hating my lot in life. After my divorce I leaned on food even more – though I was still not fat, I no longer cared about myself.

“Over the next decade I yoyo dieted through an enormous number of diet, staying around the same size and learning I couldn’t do diets.

I lost 28lbs with Slimpod

The way Alex was

“I felt I was a failure in everything I had ever done and there was no point trying. In 2002 I re-found an old love and thought my world would finally change.

“I still had an unhealthy diet mentality but then I was struck with Bell’s palsy. I was put on to steroids and my living hell started.

“I ballooned in weight, was constantly starving, and could have eaten anything if it had stood still long enough.

“I could feel my skin split as I tried to bend my knees to put on my socks and my self-hatred grew. I felt unsupported and unlovable and turned back to food as my comfort blanket.

“Despite joining a diet club and losing some weight (I even became a consultant) nothing seemed to help me mentally and I eventually had a nervous breakdown.

“My doctor suggested tablets but I said no, my life had to change. It took years but every little step helped me climb out of the hole I was in.

“But underlying all this I had never addressed my issues with food.

“While watching a TV series on diets and healthy eating I saw Slimpod for the first time and was intrigued. I Googled it but then forgot all about it until I saw a photograph of myself in February this year.

“I wept buckets over that photo. I hated myself but something inside snapped and it was like “I have to do something.”

“I Googled ‘diets’ and up came a Slimpod special offer. It was £1 for a 10-day trial and I signed up after all.

“I thought “when I fail again it will only cost me £1.” How wrong I was! Slimpod started working from day one.

“It was amazing (and a bit scary). I felt in control and I could feel the weight dropping off.

I lost 28lbs and I’m more assertive in my life now

“It also changed me mentally, too. I’m more assertive in my life and actually starting to like myself a bit (I have a lot of baggage to work through).

“I have found exercise the challenge. Trying the Slimpod Couch to 5k run seemed easy although I knew I would give up and fail.

“But I didn’t give up! I surprised myself and kept at it, finally doing my first Parkrun on Saturday and I was so proud of myself.

“Just after the running challenge had finished we had a new challenge to exercise for 21 days. How could I fit in more exercise?

“I mulled it over for a few days then found myself online at 2.30am signing up to a gym. I would have to go then!

“So far I have been three times this week as well as still running and I lost 28lbs (13 kilos) since February 16. I’m now down to 98kg.”

Please let Alex know what you think about her remarkable achievement by leaving a comment below. And do let me know if you’d like me to tell your story in a future blog.

Can you say “I lost 28lbs” – or maybe more? Do let me know.

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Marian Kelly

Hi Alex. I want to say how I admire what you have done to lose so much weight! Well done Alex. I too have joined a weight loss class….I don’t know how that will go. Probably the same way as every other diet I have tried! To join a gym takes so much courage, something I know I couldn’t do. I am disabled, and find it so hard to exercise. But, you have overcome a lot in your life , so you Alex will be someone I will think off, when I’m eating my salad. PLEASE don’t give up.

Agnieszka Ball

What an inspiring story!!! Good luck and keep going ❤️

Ros Clarke

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing story Alex! You have inspired me just as I suspect you will inspire many others. You look amazing. Congratulations and thank you once again for sharing your journey with us.

Margaret Callender

Great job, you’re an inspiration.

Helena Fraser

Well done Alex. I’m so happy for you!


Well done Alex! What an achievement and thank you for sharing with us. 👏👏👏


Alex, thank you for sharing your story. It is really inspirational. Congratulations on your Parkrun achievement and change in thought processes x


Hi, I lost three & a half stone which I had put on in my menopause but a while later had a hip replacement and had complications and so the weight came back on. Now cannot seem to do more than a few days and slip again.So hope you continue to progress and good luck as I tried the Slimpod and made no difference.

Alexandra Fenn

Hi Denise I’m sorry to hear it’s not going well for you please ring and ask to talk to Sandra I’m sure she could help you get back on track xx


Hi, Thank you for your comment I will take that on board but will have to see. Once again Thank you x

Elizabeth Taylor

Hi Denise I’m sorry to hear you’re not doing well on Slimpod, I’ve been a member for months now but it’s only in this last two weeks, after listening to the Slimpod extra that I’ve finally started to make it work and I feel free as a bird now. I still listen to the Slimpod most days. Please persevere, it’ll be worth it. regards Elizabeth


Hi, Thank you for your comment it was much appreciated. I will have a think about it and may return to it. Also the price they charge,for me is expensive. But we will see. Once again thank you.Denise


Hi Alex, your story is so honest and inspiring, congratulations, that’s such a massive success especially after all you’ve been through. I’ve struggled to keep up with the slimpod, slimming clubs.. Diets etc and I really need to lose weight… I’m going to give Slimpod another try after reading your story… Wish you continued success and hopefully I’ll have some this time too!!

Iris Cunningham

Well done Alex! What a inspirational journey X

Annette Hawkes

Alex you are an inspiration to me. You have done fantastic and I am so happy for you. Well done and keep going x

Annette Hawkes

I am so pleased for you Alex you are indeed an inspiration well done xx

Clareann seward

Well done Alex. Your doing great xx


You have done fantastic work. It’s a really inspiring story. Well done.

Helen Ceesay

What a fantastic set of achievements. Congratulations on changing your life for the better

Carol hayden

Ohhhh my that really has brought a tear to my eye , I am actually in awe of you Alex , what a fantastic achievement, you will never look back now , massive congratulations along with lots of hugs 🤗 🤗🤗🤗 xx

Sarah leedham

Well done Alex you have inspired me to rethink my weight loss programme thank you xx


Hi Alex
You are a strong woman to have gone through what you have and come out of it a stronger, slimmer and happier person.
Thank you so very much for sharing your story. It’s tempting me to try slimpod, I bought last year but have never got around to actually doing it. I too hate myself and what I am/have become. I can’t see me liking myself or ever getting to 5k (I can’t even walk 100m) but maybe Slimpod could help me reduce my weight

Good luck on your next Slimpod journey and wishing you a lighter and brighter life ahead

Lorraine Mason

Well done. What an amazing sorry. You should be so proud of yourself. Thank you so much for sharing your story xx

Liz Potter

So inspiring Alex. Your story will encourage so many others so thank you for sharing it.

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