Four simple ways to improve sleep and ease your stress

23rd April 2020

I DON’T know about you, but my sleeping pattern has been all over the place over the past few weeks. I obviously know the reason for it (not too difficult to work that one out!) and I’ve been doing something about it.

But I know from so many people in our lovely community that it’s not just me who’s been affected!

Stress has a habit of giving us sleepless nights and it also makes us eat more.

Few people realise the implications of being sleep deprived and how it can increase our appetites and as if that’s not bad enough, it can drive us to eat the wrong foods too!

Watch my video for four great tips on how to improve sleep by calming the stress.

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Tell me how you feel

Please leave a comment below to let me know how your sleep is affected right now and what’s it’s doing to your life.

And feel free to share this blog with all your friends because they probably need a little bit of help, too!

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Yes sleep is a problem right now and because of disturbed nights I find I am quite tired during the day. The pods are a lifesaver though and sometimes i listen to them in the afternoon and get 10 or 30 mins shut eye which gives me the energy to finish off the day.
Since I read about Catherine’s lists my days have been so much easier and fulfilling. Now you have told me, Sandra, to write down my exercise intentions so I am hoping this will help too.

Jennifer Noble

I listen to Slimpod every night when I go to bed. Obviously the content is invaluable but also the structure of doing the repetition of listening is a very positive action. It is like listening to a ‘familiar friend’.


I’m sleeping great. From day 1 I tried hard to keep structure the same. Home schooling is a challenge but I’ve told myself that we do our best. This is not home schooling it is crisis schooling. . We have a similar school day,( probably easier) punctuated with fun and exercise.while my daughter does her schoolwork- I set aside pod time and journal time. I’m only into week 2 but loving it and sleeping like a baby. Rise at 6- get some jobs done then I’m free to assist where needed with school. Whilst the weather has been gorgeous it’s then been sun and pod time and bedtime I have maintained- I’m ready for it by 10pm
Thanks Sandra

Beverley nuttall

I listen the the slim/chill pod, it’s on replay till I fall asleep, but struggle to sleep before 5am, which is due to coming off pain meds, so normally have about 4/5 hours, so hoping when I’m off meds all will get back normally, but at the moment,,it helps me to drop off

Mary Rooney

I do not sleep very well at all so i am hoping this new video will help me

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