Please join the Jamie Oliver kids junk food campaign and save lives

19th April 2018
Jamie Oliver kids junk food Slimpod tweet

SO why did my favourite celebrity chef send me this tweet about the Jamie Oliver kids junk food campaign the other day? Because he’d like me to ask you for your support with something we’re both passionate about – unhealthy food being marketed to children.

Children are heavily influenced by what they see on TV, in advertising and on social media. Like Jamie, I believe if we can stop the junk food companies from marketing directly to impressionable young people, it will go some way to helping them change their behaviour.

That’s how we can start reversing the obesity crisis among kids, which really concerns me. The latest figures I’ve seen from the House Commons Library are that in the UK one in 10 children is obese by the age of five and one in five by the age of 11.

We’ve all got work together for their sakes to change this horrible situation. It makes me weep.

More shocking figures are contained in this report.

Here’s Jamie’s tweet to me:


This is not a political issue. Successive governments have failed to tackle childhood obesity and prevent millions of children from suffering what experts say are “appalling life-long consequences” from being brought up on junk food.

Jamie has launched a brilliant campaign on social media called We’ve #AdEnough Of Junk Food Marketing. He says: “Kids are bombarded day-in, day-out with adverts for food and drink products that are high in unhealthy fats, sugar and salt. They’re online, on TV, on the streets and all over public transport.

“If they are constantly being targeted with cheap, easily accessible, unhealthy junk food, just think how hard it must be to make better, healthier choices. We have to make it easier for children to make good decisions.

“It’s time we put child health first. I’m calling for the Government to introduce a 9pm watershed on junk food advertising on TV and for proper controls on what ads kids see online, in the street and on public transport.

Here’s what you can do: Show your support for the Jamie Oliver kids junk food campaign by posting an image of yourself hiding your eyes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #AdEnough.

Make sure I see your pics by copying me in : @ThinkingSlimmer

Here’s the picture I posted of myself which led to Jamie tweeting me.

You can find out more about the great work Jamie is doing here: We #AdEnough

Please leave a comment below when you’ve posted your pic on social media. Thanks for supporting the truly worthwhile Jamie Oliver kids junk food campaign.

Let’s hope it is as successful as his sugar tax campaign.

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I think it’s a great idea I will be posting my picture when my daughter comes home. Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for putting me on the pathway.

Karen Widdowson

I definitely feel this is something that needs addressing for the health of our children and future generations. Lack of education and training is a big issue, bring back compulsory cookery lessons and finance management to help us develop a healthy and happy generation!!

christine carberry

its just not the adverts. it starts at home. if parents are not cooking healthily to start with then kids will go for quick easy junk food .they wont know any different. start young.just like training a puppy.

Freda Lewis

great campaign ,have twitted ✅


Excellent campaign!

Rita Orgill

Good food habits should begin in childhood.


I think this is a brilliant idea , not that long ago on telly young children as young as 2 are having their teeth pulled because of decay through eating junk food. All for this campaign.

Beryl Turner

I hope you all have success with this campaign but think you also have to tackle the problem of lazy and poor parenting to achieve the outcome we would all like to see

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