If summer’s put you in panic mode, just try my Mindset Challenge

1st September 2020


IT’S been a summer like no other hasn’t it?  Staycations, social distancing, kids at home for months and of course, if you’re in the UK, we’ve had Eat Out to Help Out and we’ve all had money off our restaurant bills!  Now September is here and normality is returning.  So it’s time to get back on track.

Many of us have been eating and drinking far more than we do during the rest of the year (with the obvious exception of Christmas!).

I know from the emails you send me and the posts in Slimpod Club that quite a few of you have gone into panic mode, which is perfectly understandable – but totally unnecessary.

If you’re struggling to stay on track, it’s important to realise two things right away:

ONE: You’re not alone!

TWO: It’s normal behaviour.

I know exactly how you’re feeling because (as you’ll know if you follow me on Facebook) August is a crazy month for me. It’s always full of birthdays, anniversaries, cake and alcohol.

Every year when September arrives I breathe a sigh of relief that things are about to go back to normal. Within the next day or two my eating routine and exercise habits will reset themselves and with the right mindset my clothes will soon start to feel a little bit looser once again.

The secret is that I prepare for summer. I realise that there are going to be obstacles in my way (like husband’s birthday on August 13, our wedding anniversary on August 20 and my birthday on August 27) which will mean I’m not eating the same things I usually do and I’m having a few more glasses of fizz than normal.

By building this into my mindset, I don’t worry. I enjoy myself because that’s what life should be all about.

And when September rolls around, I take a few simple steps to get back on course.

I know that those extra pounds will disappear as quickly as they appeared. I’m totally confident that in 30 days’ time I’ll fit into everything in my wardrobe.


Now, because I KNOW you’ll probably be in a similar place to me (even if you’ve not had birthday celebrations etc) I thought I’d help get some motivation going and kick off a free September Mindset Reset Challenge next week!

I’ll be telling you more about this on my live chat in Slimpod Club tomorrow (Wednesday Sept 2) at 8pm UK time and I’ll post another blog next Monday kicking it off, so watch out for that too!

It will go on for the month of September and all it needs is your commitment – easy!

Let me know below how your Summer’s going and whether you’d like to get motivated to get back on track in September!

Would love you to join me so make sure you look out for my blog next Monday!

If you haven’t got yourself a Slimpod yet – now’s the BEST opportunity to grab yourself a free 10-day trial and take advantage of the extra motivation the challenge will give you!  What’s not to like!

This page tells you all about the 10-day trial

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Caroline Chittleburgh

I have just completed week 4 – have listened to the pod at least once a day – on occasion on repeat overnight. I have listened to/watched all your lessons and have completed the tasks. I have not always managed to find three wins but have tried.
Instead of loosing weight I have put on 7lbs. I plan to stick with it but if the September reset will help in any way I am up for it.


Would love to get more motivated, will look out for n ext Monday’s blog


Oh my goodness, it’s amazing to know we all go through the same motions in life! For me too, August especially, is the hard one, birthday after birthday, after BBQ and picnic. Plus I spent a month on a holiday visiting my family, where food is a way of showing love and appreciation. I am so excited for this September challenge! Bring it on! 👏👏👏

Zoë Fletcher

I’d like to be involved, as I need all the help I can get to stay motivated!


Perfect timing – everything feeling a bit tight after a month of visitors and having wine back on the menu when I had given up alcohol altogether . Definitely time for a reset!


Thank you for the encouragement. So far so good!!!


I’m in for a September mindset reset. I’m back to school (in the office) so its back to normality for me.


Definitely mindset reset needed for September! I’ve let things slip over the summer. I can never seem to join the lives as it is the only time in the day I get to spend with my teenager, so will look out for and look forward to the blog next Monday. I’m mostly motivated but will be happy for extra motivation!


The challemge sounds good. I do have a Slim pod how fo uou linl imto the live session tomorrow please ?


If you’re a member of Slimpod Club, watch for Sandra’s live thread which she will post up at 8pm tonight. If you’re not a member, email Customer Services and they’ll help.

Michelle Powers

I would love to get back on track I’ve seemed to of gone off the track so getting back in it sounds great to me,
I had my deceased dad’s anniversary and his birthday at the end of August so I need to get motivated again please.


I’ll try it! I’m in week 3, making healthy choices and I think I’m eating less, but not noticing any physical change yet

Vanessa Griffin

Would love to reset my mindset. Where will I find a blog?

Debra Wilson

I certainly need some motivation. The summer binges need to go away now.
So a mindset reset will be more than welcome


New to this (day 13) please count me in 🙂

Katie Fielding

Can’t wait for this….just what I need. Back to work … back to a routine and hoping slimpod will help make ME time and get into a exercise routine and not turn to food when all those plates start spinning again and the stress and anxiety level kick back in.


Yes I like a challenge, on week 3 and definitely eating healthier. Not around for live session tonight due to training, .can it be watched retrospectively?


Yes, the Lives can be found by scrolling down in Slimpod Club.

Helena Nock

I think it’s a good idea. I am having a laporoscopy tomorrow (ensometriosis)and will be going back to work after a week. I work shifts with autistic teenagers and will also have to work a few long days to make up for it financially (7-10). Mindset definitely required.

Barbara hinson

September is my Birthday and wedding anniversary plus my holiday. It is definately going to be harder but I am up for your challenge. I am a slimpod member and hope to join the live chat this evening for some extra inspiration!

Helen Gee

I was disappointed that I hadn’t lost weight over the last 3 weeks of consistent listening to Slimpod and writing positives and careful eating, but maybe I did well to maintain the weight loss already made


Pam Ley
Hi I would really like to join the live session this evening I have watched tfe face book communtlity video and sent answers to the question asked on the face book page but the status still says pending . Can anyone help please ? Many thanks in anticipation


That’s being fixed for you right now, Pam

Jackie Williams

Please include me in September mind set challenge, I need all the help l can get right now 🤗


Watch out for Sandra’s special Mindset emails and stay tuned to Slimpod Club Lives, Jackie !

Jan Fan no

I so need this, brilliant idea, thank you x

Deirdre O Brien

On week 10 of Slimpod, mentality wise brilliant but physical changes no. So up for this challenge going away with all the family next weekend big birthday for the hubby 60 so will have to work that into the challenge. Back minding my 2 grandkids so that will get me out of the house so more of a routine

Maggie Parry

Looking forward to the challenge.


I think that’s a great idea Sandra, I to have lost focus and need to get back on track.

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