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26th September 2018

TODAY, Wednesday September 26, we celebrate National Fitness Day!  Its aim is to inspire the UK to move for one day because exercise has so many health and wellness benefits that extend far beyond just weight loss. That’s me in the picture, by the way, doing my morning workout on my uncle’s farm in Ireland during the summer 🙂

The benefits of regular exercise are fabulous: As well as controlling your weight, it cuts your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. It also strengthens your bones and muscles and improves your mental health, confidence and mood.

However at Slimpod HQ we’re going one step further than a fitness day and I want to inspire you to move consistently for a month!

Today I’m launching a new 30-day fitness challenge and I’d love you to be part of it!  If you’re in our Slimpod Club private group on Facebook you’ll know we’re in the last week of a 70-day fitness challenge and there’s been some amazing transformations from people who have simply been consistent with their exercise.

Watch out for the new Slimpod Club accountability thread for the 30-day challenge.

If you’re not in Slimpod Club then please use this blog post as your accountability thread. Post a comment every day to share your progress with others – and I’ll monitor how you’re getting on and hold you accountable.

It’s easy – just set yourself a daily goal. It could a be distance to walk or run. It could be a number of strength exercises to achieve, such as squats, press-ups or sit-ups.

Set an alarm on your phone every 50 mins to remind you to get up and move for the next 10 mins, even if it’s walking round the kitchen or your office desk.

Remember the Slimpod message – all movement is exercise!

To give you motivation, here’s a video from Caroline, one of our lovely ladies.  She’s got a very inspirational message for you.

And here’s some inspiring words and pictures from Slimpodder Janet: “Eighteen months ago I wasn’t very active, just a bit of Zumba for a wiggle and a giggle. Then I started Slimpod…

“Straight away it encouraged me to move more. I started walking, doing two to three miles a couple of times a week – plus the Zumba.

“This summer I took up the Slimpod 70-day Challenge and with a friend from Zumba I started hill walking. What an amazing change!

“We do up to 15 miles a day and it challenges my legs, heart and breathing. I love it! I’m fitter, healthier, stronger and happier.

“I’ve dropped two dress sizes and my body is more toned, flexible and supple. When I’m out on the hills I feel good, happy and relaxed all at the same time.

I have loved every challenge I’ve set myself. So do take up the new 30-day challenge, even if you only start by walking to the end of the road. Gradually build things up from there. Come on – let’s do it!”

Let me know with a comment below that you’re getting involved in the new 30-day challenge. Let’s smash this together 🙂

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I’ll give it a go. Got a Fitbit to help record and improve my steps daily. ?

carol hayden

Yes these challenges definitely keep u motivated I already excersise every day but I could always add something extra , that will b my challenge , an extra walk an extra 20 squats sit-ups whatever I will do something extra ?


I’m game for the 30 day challenge I’ll take it bit by bit already set my phone alarm yo every 50 mins so that’s a start .


Will definitely be still doing my 2 lots of 20mins exercises with Lucy on u tube, even though I’m away for most of October, so will do more in November, that’s a promise to me ???x

Vicky H-D

Didn’t realise it was National Fitness Day but ended up doing 40 minutes quite hard aerobics this morning and took the dog for a walk at lunchtime! So I will give the 30-day challenge a go. Just watching the amazing video in level 11 and that has definitely got me thinking about doing more exercise each day!


I’m going to walk 40 mins a day and also adopt the idea of setting an alsrm for every 50 minutes and moving for the next ten


I already average 14,000 steps a day so I will up it to 16,000.


I am going to do this one. Just re-started Slimpod Gold and joined a gym. Great timing. Going to commit to seeing this one through.


I’m definitely going to do the 30 day challenge, taking in a walk every day at lunchtime.


I am going to do 20 minutes a day walking or exercise. I have slipped again as I had dropped a dress size, but have allowed stress to get the better of me recently. will now try really hard for the next 30 days

Veronica Baglin

This is so inspirational, I have challenged myself all through September to do 20,000 steps a day, even while I have been on holiday, and so far all is on plan, I have 4 days left and intend to keep going, October I aim to do the same but to get food plans going and loose my final 7lb which I feel is do-able, and these emails give me a real boost along the way. Thankyou


I’m upping my steps per day and exercise minutes on fitbit, and starting Couch to 5K (definitely going tortoise, not hare!)

Margaret Richardson

I already do quite a bit of exercise, and wear a Gear fit 2. My aim will be to try and get out on one extra day a week on my bike.

Mrs Margaret Richardson

As I have only just started the slimpod program, well, 10days ago, I will join what is left of the 30 days, but try and continue. Today I have walked the dog this morning and will be taking her out again later. A bike ride was planned, but abandoned as it’s blowing a hooly and not safe to ride. I have a Samsung Gear fit2, so will make sure it’s always charged.

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