One little task will help stop emotional eating – mini-series, part 3

21st November 2019

Last time in my mini-series on how to stop emotional eating we learned how many people trying to change their eating habits have actually lost touch with real hunger as opposed to emotional hunger.

I explained how important it is to practise connecting with our body’s signals that tell us when we’re genuinely full or whether we only think we need to eat because we’re filling an emotional need.

In this week’s video, we’re looking further at emotional eating, which is often an automatic habit that has built up over years.

The key to changing such a habit is first to be aware of it, and that will require a little bit of time and effort as it can be hard to recognise emotional eating in the moment you’re doing it.

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** Next time you eat without thinking about it (usually a sure sign of emotional eating) be honest with yourself and work out what was behind it.

** For a few days, note down what happened in the minutes or hours leading up to it and write down how you felt about it.

** Pretty soon a pattern will emerge – it could be boredom, stress, unhappiness, comfort or something else.

** Awareness of your emotional triggers will help you to spot them before you turn to food.


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Maggie Dosdale

really good advice. Thank you.

Ros Clarke

I realise my trigger is when my husband goes up to bed before me, leaving me to watch a programme on tv that he’s not interested in. I need to avoid this!!

Maureen Robertson

This week I have been asking myself if I am really hungry before I go to eat something and it has been really helpful as usually the answer is no. I do not feel I am missing out either which is great.

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