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11th February 2020

SINCE the start of January I’ve been hosting our regular Slimpod Club live chats via video within the private group on Facebook.  I’ve been chatting about some crucial elements of our programme and why certain daily actions are important for your success.

So far we’ve covered:

The psychology behind sharing wins.

How to set wins up so you feel the dopamine buzz.

How to create a shift in your identity so you’re thinking like a slimmer person.

We also talked about the emotional eating spectrum, because we have a LOT of emotional eaters within our community.

This new approach to our Wednesday chat has proved a great hit with our lovely Slimpodders, but I’m very aware we have thousands of members who are not part of our Slimpod private community on Facebook and I really want to support you, too.

There’s probably even a lot of people who ARE members of the Slimpod Club group but who missed the live chat.

I know you’ll benefit from the knowledge shared so here’s the live chat video from last week.

Please do let me know in the comments below if you’ve found it useful and would like me to share video chats with you on a regular basis.

If you’re not a member of the private group I would really urge you to join it.

I know some people are reluctant to be on Facebook, but you can join under any name purely to access this group and nothing else.

We have a hugely supportive community of people and do everything we can to help you succeed.

We also have a buddy system and mentoring programme. Slimpod Club is waiting for you as a massive free benefit if you’re on the Slimpod programme- simply email and ask to join the group.

If you’re not on the Slimpod programme – why not ! What are you waiting for?

Here’s how you can try Slimpod free for 10 days with my special no-risk, no-obligation trial:

Start your free trial today


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Excellent overview of emotional eating. I understood and made me want to keep working on this. Had a bad few days but managed not to suppress emotion with food after a very difficult day. Thank you

Clare Milligan

Hi, I started slimpod 2 nights ago and I’m enjoying it, I’ve listened to last weeks live chat catch up and plan and joining tonight. I was hoping to cover the topic of breaking the weight watchers cycle while doing Slim pod, I’m feeling nervous about stopping counting points and ditching the scales.

Hazel das

First time I have listened, very interesting and helpful as it joins a lot of the dots …

Liz Rogers

I would like a slimpod buddy or mentor. Thanjs

Terri Reddingtom


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