Stay healthy and mentally strong with a corona victory goal map

27th March 2020

STRESS and anxiety can play havoc with our health and wellness.   I know my Slimpod programme – and specifically the Chillpod – is really helping people at the moment.  But I’m always keen to go that extra mile to help people.

So I asked my friend, the creator of the excellent Goalmapping system Brian Mayne, to join me on a video call to help our community get through this challenging time.

We met up last night via the regular Slimpod Club Live chat, and everyone loved the wisdom and inspiration Brian shared.

Brian has spoken about goalmapping in 30 different countries so he’s definitely a world leader in his field.

Here’s some of the comments from our lovely Slimpodders who were watching the chat:

“This is amazing.  Thank you so much Brian and to you too Sandra for arranging this evening. I’ve not done a goal map online before and I can see how much it will help  in so many ways. ”

“Thank you so much, I feel better already!” 

“This is fab.  It makes so much sense.  Doing mine now.  I can totally see how this will help me”

“Brilliant live chat last night – I’ve woken up with a totally different mindset. “

“Wow! What an amazing live session – I’m completely buzzing!”

If you’re not in our private group you can click on the picture below to watch the video on my YouTube Slimpod Channel.

Please do share this with everyone you think will benefit – I’d be so delighted if Slimpod could help as many people as possible to get through this difficult time in a calm way and with mental strength and wellness.

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One Comment

Vivienne Dempsey

Really enjoyed the goal mapping session , map complete thank you

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