Stop eating sugar right now and feel the amazing benefits

5th October 2020

SUGAR:  Do you cut down or go cold turkey? The benefits of either are amazing!  Slimpodder Ava Brodie used her sugar pod, which comes as part of the Slimpod Gold programme, then decided she needed to take more drastic action.

I hope her video story will inspire you to realise that sugar doesn’t have to be the enemy that destroys your weight loss ambitions.

Like it did with Ava, your Slimpod will rewire your brain for peace and serenity around food.

Ava, who is 62 and lives in Lancashire, was a size 14 before she started listening to Slimpod in February 2020. She lost weight and felt good about herself – but she knew she could do better.

So she did hours of research into the harmful effects of sugar and what she found out was the trigger that made her decide three months ago to ban it from her life for ever.

Today, Ava is a size 8 and has lost three and a half inches from her waistline since stopping sugar in the summer.

“My BMI has dropped from 29.5 to 23.5 – which means that I’m no longer overweight, let alone being on the verge of obesity,” she says.

“The sugar pod just hit a nerve and made me realise I CAN stop eating sugar.”

Click on the image below to watch her video on The Slimpod Channel:

stop eating sugar

Ava’s advice on how to stop eating sugar

Ava admits: “Since I was a girl I can’t remember a day going by without eating sugar! I used to call myself a sugarholic…until now!

“I’ve gone just over three months without eating any form of sugar or sweeteners in food and drinks and here’s what happened!

“For the first 10 days or so I had these side effects: headaches, spots and rashes on my face, sleep disruptions, fatigue, irritability and cravings for carbohydrates – sugar!

“Then after that I started to feel so much better. I had more energy, better quality of sleep, a clearer complexion, a feeling of contentment – and no more sweet cravings!

“What helped me was drinking two litres water a day, eating protein with each meal, eating  more berries and citrus fruit and replacing coffee with hot water and a slice of lemon, or green tea.

Ava: I’m so happy and thrilled

“I still have one coffee daily with unsweetened almond milk and make it frothy in my blender – it’s lovely.

“I also found it important to distract myself when I got cravings.

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy and thrilled I am to have done this! I’d lost quite a bit of weight and a lot of inches with my Slimpod but then I got stuck and nothing was moving.

“After one week of going sugar free my weight started to come off again and I’ve lost 36lbs in total since starting Slimpod in February of this year.

“At 62 I feel more energised and happier than I have in a long time. To be finally free from sugar is such a relief.

“If anyone is thinking about it…just do it. Don’t be afraid to listen to your sugar pod.

“For me, going cold turkey was the option I took and I feel that was the only way that I could really and truly give up the sugar!”


Why you should stop eating sugar

The NHS recommends that adults should have no more than 30g of free sugars a day, (roughly equivalent to 7 sugar cubes).

Free sugars are those which are added to food or drinks, and sugars found naturally in honey, syrups, unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and purees.

They should not make up more than 5% of the energy (calories) you get from food and drink each day.

Free sugars are found in sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and some fizzy drinks and juice drinks. For example, a can of cola can have as much as 9 cubes of sugar – more than the recommended daily limit for an adult.

Most people go way over their daily limit because processed food, takeaways and convenient ready meals are jam-packed with sugar.

Stop eating sugar and lose weight

When you pour excess sugar into your body it plays havoc with hormones like insulin and leptin.

Insulin converts sugar into energy but large doses of sugar hamper its work and wreak havoc with your body. This is called insulin resistance.

Leptin is a hormone which controls your appetite. When you become insulin resistant, leptin gets overwhelmed and you constantly crave food – especially sweet things.

Cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks pile on the pounds around your middle and you become a fat storage machine.

This is because high blood sugar levels release a flood of insulin through your body and over time this makes fat build up around your belly.

This is especially dangerous because these abdominal fat cells release hormones that bring on the kind of inflammation that can cause heart disease and cancer.

Read more in this blog post:

Stop eating sugar and feel better, look younger

Watch my Lives so you can stop eating sugar

All this week I’ll be doing deep dives on how to stop eating sugar. Please join me tomorrow (Tuesday October 6) on the Slimpod public Facebook page at 7.30pm UK time, in our private Slimpod Club on Wednesday at 8pm and on our Instagram page on Thursday at 7pm.

Do leave a comment below!

Please let me know what sugar’s doing to your life! I read every comment and although I can’t promise to answer every one, they give me invaluable help in creating new content for you.

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Ann Turner

I’ve not eaten sugar since the mid 1990s as it makes me so ill – sometimes enough to have been to A&E. I can’t even eat fruit, though I’m ok with a small amount of lactose. It was destroying my life! I’m so glad to be rid of it and the terrible mood swings, migraines, extreme dizziness…

Kirstin Chaplin

Ava, this is so inspirational. Thank you so much. I am a total sugar monster and am desperate to stop.


Awesome & congrats! I am on the road to doing the same! Only 3 weeks in & truly no cravings

Claire Gilliam

Desperate to stop being addicted to sugar but at the same time I worry about what I at Xmas or other special occasions if I cant have sugar!


Do you have to give up all carbs as well? I thought if you carry on with carbs which are sugar you will still get cravings


When I read about insulin resistance it struck a cord, that’s how I feel, I must do further research to see how I can stop this. Thank you
Sue Burford x


I joined Slimpod 12 weeks ago now & started to listen to the sugar pod straight away & within a couple of days I began to notice a change in my desire to eat sweet things. I’ve since had a packet of biscuits in my cupboard since the end of July & they are still there!! I’ve not completely stopped eating sugar as I have had a couple of bits of carrot cake (my nemesis) in the last 12 weeks but I can’t honestly remember the last time I bought chocolate which for me (being 18.5st at my heaviest) is something I never thought I would be able to say….! So far on slimpod I’ve lost 10lbs (down from 13st 11lbs when I joined) & I’m now getting back into my ‘I’ll save those clothes just in case I do loose weight’ wardrobe….result! Still a way to go so decided to join Slimpod Extra yesterday. Not putting any pressure on myself but cutting out sugar from my life (except the very rare appearance of a bit of carrot cake every other month obviously 😂), I’m swimming more, doing yoga & continuing to be mindful about my food choices. Over the next 3 or so months, I WILL hit my 1st weight goal…12st! Then over the next 6 – 9 months I WILL hit my ultimate goal & be able to wear a size 12!!! Onwards & upwards as they say! 👍

Grace Blake

I am so proud of you Ava .I’m disappointed in myself last week I stopped eating sweets, chocolate, but found I was eating more crisps and my coffee intake had increased, but I was feeling better it’s been three weeks since using Slimpod I felt I was in control- then I had a horrible weekend with my ex- and everything went down hill- I started eating my way through sweets, cakes, chocolate and crisps then though I still listen to my Slimpod I feel alone

Alice Mary Moss

Interesting email. I’m definitely addicted to sugar and can echo those sentiments of cravings!
I’m struggling with getting access to My Programme i.e. Slimpod and Extra on my mobile phone (sent you an email yesterday from my mobile)

Clare roberts

I’m not eating sugar now. Stopped just over a week ago. I’ve done it before but slipped up and gone back. I find sugar very addictive and am best when I have none. Thank you Ava you are inspiring me to keep going with this.

hayley Dale

Hi Ava I have done total sugar detox. Was wondering why I was suffering with headaches and disturbed sleep but now I know no sugar!!! Feel like I have lost weight and feel so much better. Congratulations on your achievement well done x

Janet Hammond

This is great Ava and well done, very pleased for you 😊 Can you please advise me, did you totally cut out Alcohol? and what about bread and cereals, Kind regards Janet

Julie Asprey

I think I need sugar after dinner
I would love to drop the sugar

Jane jewell

What an inspirational video! I was a chocoholic before starting slimpod but now hardly ever eat it. I don’t know if I would give up altogether but I’m certainly going to make a concerted effort to reduce further

Helen Whelan

Well done Ava . Very inspiring and my sugar free days started this morning – so far so good🤞🏻

Lorraine Bates

Wow Ava I am super impressed and well done with giving up the dreaded sugar and your weightloss. I have never gone a day without sugar and I am 58 years old. I have never contemplated it either until I read your article. I know it would help with weightloss and general well being and I am thinking perhaps 2021 will see me do so. Many thanks

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