Think positively in the pandemic and you’ll feel in control

10th November 2020

THINK positively! That’s today’s message. With lockdown in full swing again, I felt it was time to really ramp up some positivity. So I asked my friend Brian Mayne, the author, international speaker and creator of, to join me on a Zoom to inspire and add some much-needed light to our lives right now.

We went live in Slimpod Club last Wednesday, and everyone loved it so much I thought I’d share the session so that the whole Slimpod community could benefit.

One of our lovely Podders has used Goalmappingcom with her Slimpod and has lost seven stone!  They really are the dream team!

Let me know below how you’re doing and whether you’ve created your own goal map.

Brian and I also have some very exciting news in the video for all Slimpod users – an exclusive new resource we’ll be launching shortly.

Here’s this week’s video:

think positively

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Think positively – 30-second summary

**  We’re all different and unique but we are all a combination of our thoughts, feelings and actions

**  Thoughts you repeat often enough become beliefs’ they can be negative or positive and empowering

**  Our thoughts influence our feelings and this shapes who we are as a person – our authentic true self

**  All we are starts with our thought; with our thoughts we are able to shape our world

**  If you think positively it releases the chemical serotonin into the brain – better known as “the happy chemical”

**  Feeling good about ourselves and about life has a powerful effect on our behaviour and our wellbeing.

Please leave a comment below to let me know if you’re going to think positive now. Have you created a goal map for your future? Do let me know what’s on yours and how it’s working.

You can create a free goal map at

What do you think? Please leave a comment

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Yvonne Norris

It was really useful and inspiring . What is more I’ve been able to use it with my husband who has a number of health issues to inspire him to use positivity and goals to help him manage his life too

Beverley nuttall

Our house when on the market today, and my mom asked if I was excited. Yes I am, but my attuttide is, if we get a quick sale, that’s great, if it takes 12 months that’s fine, it’s not a race, think that’s positive thinking 🙂

Carole Kennett

I made my goal map when it was first mentioned in Gold. I look at it every night it has now become routine for me.

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