Three things you need when you’re losing weight – special video

4th December 2019

I need to share some excitement with you! Some people who’ve been with us for a while will know we carried out a very successful clinical trial on our Slimpod a few years ago.

However, to make maximum clinical impact I knew we had to get the results in front of GPs.

I’ve been trying to do this for a few years now, and then suddenly I got notification that it had been accepted for presentation at a very important GPs conference in March.

I cried.  Seriously.  

I was totally overwhelmed with emotion and really couldn’t believe this was happening.

Because there were times during this process when I just had to walk away and stop trying, for my own sanity.

It was all consuming and quite destructive.   

But then I’d go back to it because my mission to help people is so strong and I absolutely know we can make a difference and change lives – especially the lives of those with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

But here’s the thing –  when the buzz of excitement left me and I came back down to earth, I realised the journey I’ve been on with this clinical trial process has a lot in common with a weight loss journey.

So in this video I’m sharing some huge learnings and tips which I know will help you. Click on the picture to start the video…

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Joyce Fairchild

Well done Sandra so inspirational you have inspired me to get back on the wagon xxx

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Thank you – and I’m so happy to hear this. Go for it! Sx

Margaret Callender

What a great step forward, congratulations.

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Thanks so much Margaret! Sx

Susan Jackson

Well done Sandra 😀 I have been struggling but your vid has put things into perspective so thank you and also thanks for getting me from a size 26 to an 18 ( still some to go ) but I will get there xx

Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Oh my goodness Susan! This is fabulous – you’re doing SO well! We must have a chat – I’d love to share your story and inspire others! Can we email you?

Sue Jackson

Hi Sandra , yes of course you can

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