Tim Drummond: Don’t trust your scales

30th September 2013

Don’t Trust Your Scales! They lie to you. OK maybe that is a little over dramatic, they will hopefully tell you the correct weight. However what you can learn from that may not be what you think. That’s the view of Sexy in the City trainer Tim Drummond. Here’s his blog that explains why we at Thinking Slimmer advise you to scrap the scales:

You see it is very possible that you may be losing body fat, but not body weight. So if the scales are your only measure of progress, it looks like you aren’t making any when in reality you are slimming down, getting healthier and making great progress!

This is especially likely if you are exercising or if you’ve been on a crash diet that left you malnourished. As you build lean muscle tissue, bone and organ density you are becoming a healthier person.

This will however affect the scales and depending on body proportions to begin with, as you lose body fat you may not always see the scales drop quickly, if at all.

Tim Drummond body fat expert and personal trainer

I suggest you use a few different measures of progress to ensure that you are moving in the right direction.

Clothes – How do they fit? If they are suddenly too big and you are going down sizes, great! You’ve lost significant body fat.

Girth measurements – A simple tape measure around the bellybutton, hips, and mid thigh will prove you are in fact slimming down and it is not your clothes that are growing after all!

Before & after photos – This is probably the best measure of progress. Take a photo at the start, and then retake every couple of weeks. Put them next to each other and when you see the difference it really does bring it home. Photos may be uncomfortable at first and you probably don’t want to get your kit off, but trust me when you see your new, slim self next to the old you it will blow your mind and is so motivating!

How do you feel? – This journey is not just about weight loss it is about health and overall well being. Some will lose weight quickly and some will lose weight slowly, but if you are feeling great about yourself, have better energy, sleep, sex drive and enthusiasm…what does it matter? This makes it worth it much more than a number on the scales!

I recommend you take measurements every 2 – 4 weeks, to ensure that you are making progress in the right direction. Anything more than this is overkill and you will be caught out by natural daily fluctuations.

Tim Drummond has got a great home exercise plan you’ll enjoy >>

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