Finding the positive meaning

8th March 2017

PEOPLE in our private Facebook group, Slimpod Club, are always asking the greatest questions about their weight loss journey. I thought I’d share this one with you in case you missed it – plus the answer from Trevor Silvester, who creates and voices the Slimpods.

Debra asks: “I have a Slimpod Silver and keep hitting a problem every time I listen to it. You see I love cooking, planning, preparing and creating a healthy meal. It’s sort of my hobby. When I listen to the pod it tells me that I will realise I haven’t thought about food and just realised it’s time to eat. That for me is a danger because if I haven’t prepared a meal then I am more likely to eat the wrong things.

“Every time I get to this sentence I stop the pod because it doesn’t sit well with me. Anyone else having the same problem? My problem isn’t the meals or mealtimes, it’s the inbetween stuff…”

Trevor Silvester replies: “Thanks for raising these points. When I’m designing the suggestions in a Slimpod, obviously I’m aiming them to be as inclusive as possible, hence not restricting it to night listeners etc.

“A key principle is that given the context of your listening – wanting to lose weight – the unconscious mind searches for the meaning within my words that will best support that. People will interpret the same sentence differently, but still positively.

“Interestingly, if you find a suggestion jars, something else might be happening. If your unconscious has an emotional connection to food – where it equates it with company, comfort, love etc – then it can be resistant to you wanting to lose weight. This is where it feels like you have an internal saboteur.

“It can be almost like it scans the recording, listening for something to get in your way, and then making a ‘thing’ out of it which inhibits your progress. Rather than treat the thought as your own, spot such sabotaging and work through it.

“Seek the positive interpretation. This in itself will train your brain about your relationship to food – one that you’re choosing, not your unconscious. Hope that helps 🙂 “



I am also used to planning meals in advance, however I did not see it as a negative.


Trevor’s response really resonates with me as I constantly self sabotage. Great tip to just be aware of it as self sabotage and not as real reason to stop progressing.

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