Use discipline to hit weight loss goals

9th May 2016

WEIGHT loss discipline is this week’s tiopic. As you’re the proud owner of a Slimpod you’ll already know how easy the programme is and you’ll be experiencing just how amazing your own mind is! So for week two of the eight-week Summer boot camp I thought I would show you ways in which you can recruit your mind  to help you even more in your mission to lose some inches! 

Here’s four tips on staying motivated and focussed.

Weight loss discipline 1

ONE: Emotionally engage with your goal and you’ll become highly motivated to achieve it. It needs to be in your heart and you need to remind yourself of the goal every day so it’s lodged firmly in the emotional part of your brain.

Every morning do a few minutes of visualisation – this is PROVEN to work. It’s what sportsmen and women do and it’s what business leaders do when they want to be top of their game.

The subconscious mind accepts the thoughts that you repeat often and as you know, this is one of the ways the Slimpod changes your behaviour. When the subconscious accepts them, it changes your mindset accordingly, as well as your habits and actions.

So see yourself in that item of clothing or you on the beach or whatever it might be that makes you feel great. Engage with the dream, the thing you really want in life. It’s so important for you so get connected with it!

If your heart is disengaged then it’s really difficult to be disciplined. Fact!

Weight loss discipline 2

TWO: Organise yourself so that the things you need to achieve each day are done at a particular time of the day. Best time is first thing in the morning and before the day starts making its demands on you! If this isn’t possible then make sure you ‘do your thing’ at the same time every day.

Weight loss discipline 3

THREE: Block out time in your diary or calendar to make sure you do your ‘thing’ every day. And give it your undivided attention which means you’re only doing the ‘thing’ – and that means no texting, no Facebook or Twitter!

Just focus your energy on the thing that’s going to make a difference and take you towards your goal, rather than wasting time on random things that eat up time and prevent you achieving your goal.

Make it happen and stick to it every day! You’ll then be amazed by what happens!

Weight loss discipline 4

FOUR: Reward yourself!! You’ll love this one! Celebrate your wins and have fun. You need to set up your rewards because nobody can keep going and going without having fun along the way.

This is one of the reason diets fail because it’s a miserable journey and if you reward yourself with a treat then it’s not really a reward because you feel guilty and beat yourself up for having it.

But our brains need rewards. We’re not designed to stay motivated without some pleasure. If we don’t celebrate then we’re never going to develop real discipline.

The problem is, people have been conditioned to think that losing weight can’t be fun, and then motivation and discipline go out the window.

We’re changing all that right now!

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