Weight loss targets: how to hit them!

21st October 2014

WEIGHT loss targets are important and so is keeping your success log. I’m frequently being asked why we suggest that people write down the three “positives” in their success log each night, so I thought I’d explain a little more. This will be especially beneficial to people on our Autumn Success drive.

So, there are two reasons: Firstly, changes can happen without you even knowing it and it’s only by reflection and bringing these changes to your conscious awareness you notice they’re happening.

Note down even the smallest successes you’ve noticed in your attitude to food, exercise and your lifestyle. It may be something small such as “left a potato on my plate” or “walked to the shops instead of driving” but all these little successes add up to bigger ones.

When it comes to building good habits, one of our greatest struggles is maintaining awareness of what we’re actually doing. The more automatic a behaviour becomes, the more likely we’re hitting weight loss targets but the less likely we are to notice it.


How Slimpod makes changes to your lifestyle


Secondly, by writing the changes down each day you bring them to the attention of your subconcious and you’re constantly reminding it that it’s taking the right steps to help you achieve your weight loss targets.

Your Slimpod is slowly helping you to create a positive view of the world (we call it your positive reality tunnel) and every time you write down the good things that are happening to you your brain is creating positive expectancy.

What’s that? Well, to put it simply: What you think about is what you get in life.  This can work both ways – good and bad – so it may as well be the good way, don’t you think?!

We tend to get what we pay most attention to. So if you pay attention to the positive things that are happening to you’re sure to get more of them.

Writing down your Slimpod positives each day in your success log from Thinking Slimmer

I find so many people think about failure, especially if they’ve been a long term dieter and been on a constant diet-fail-diet-fail cycle.   If they’ve constantly got failure on their minds how can they succeed?

So, whether you’re experiencing small changes or big changes on your Slimpod it doesn’t matter. What matters is that changes are happening and you’re hitting your weight loss targets.

And getting into the habit of writing them in your success log at night time helps to prime your mind for what you want it to notice the next day. And it greatly increases your chances of hitting your weight loss targets.

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