Most diets are an 8-day wonder

16th October 2013

DIET? It’ll last a week. That was the big headline in my morning paper, although I have to say it’s hardly news to millions of people. We’ve all been there, haven’t we – we know that when losing weight involves willpower it hardly ever works in the long term because the simple truth is that diets just don’t work.

Our website explains the science behind the fact that diets don’t work. Now a new survey of 1,000 women proves we are right: The research, reported in the papers, shows that the average woman sticks to a weight-loss plan for just eight days.

She starts on a Monday, keeps going through the week, slackens off a bit at the weekend and then by the following Monday she’s already given up.

The problem is that willpower and won’t-power are the same thing really. When you need to make a conscious effort not to eat, your mind and your body conspire together to make the opposite happen.

It dates back millions of years to the survival instinct that cavemen and women relied on. When you cut back on your food intake, your mind lets it happen for a few days then decides you’re in a famine situation.

So what does it do? It sends out signals to the parts of your body that produce and store fat and says, in effect: “Hang on to the fat, we may need it!” Your chances of losing much weight under these circumstances are pretty slim – the one thing you won’t be!

To lose weight successfully and permanently, you have to retrain your mind to see food and drink differently. It’s your only hope. That’s precisely what our Slimpod MP3 downloads and CDs do for you.

We’ve helped people achieve the most amazing results with no diets, no willpower, no conscious effort. “I don’t know how my Slimpod works, there’s no effort required,” says one slimmer. “I just know it does work!”

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